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International Languages
Whether for personal interest or to satisfy the transfer requirements of your senior institution, Parkland has an exciting variety of foreign language courses to choose from. Communicative competence and cross-cultural understanding are the primary goals of our courses. Find the course you are interested in by prefix in the Course Listing.
(ARA) Arabic
(FRE) French
(GER) German
(ITA) Italian
(JPN) Japanese
(KIS) Kiswahili
(RUS) Russian
(SPA) Spanish

Western & Non-Western Humanities Courses

Students may fulfill elective course or general education degree requirements by taking our Western and Non-Western Humanities courses. These courses, which focus on the culture and civilization of important geographic regions of the world, are also appropriate for those individuals who simply want to expand their understanding of different world cultures and how they fit into today’s global society. Find the course you are interested in by the HUM prefix in the Course Listing.

Non-Western Culture Courses
Students in most programs must take a course in non-Western culture to graduate from Parkland. Courses with non-western or Third World content are in anthropology, geography, history, political science, humanities, fine arts, and literature. Specific course numbers are listed in the General Education Core Courses in the Parkland Catalog.

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