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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 

Total Credits: 5 credit hours

Description: In this one-semester, five-credit hour certificate program, students learn the role and responsibilities of an emergency medical technician as well as gain skills in patient interaction, diagnosis, and emergency medical treatment. Upon successful completion, the student is eligible to take the Illinois EMT-B Certification Examination.


Emergency Medical Services (Paramedic) 

Total Credits: 29 credit hours

Description: The EMS-Paramedic Certificate Program prepares students to practice as advanced EMS providers with opportunities for increased responsibility. The students will achieve competencies in the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains from didactic instruction, classroom lab skills, and actual clinical application with patient contacts under the supervision of a trained pre-hospital and hospital preceptor. Students will learn to administer medication, start intravenous lines, interpret EKG rhythm strips, and deliver the appropriate interventions, as well as administer many other advanced life support procedures.


Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) 

Total Credits: 49 credit hours

Description: The Practical Nursing Certificate Program prepares students for employment in long-term care facilities, clinics, and hospitals. Graduates are eligible to take the licensing examination for Licensed Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN). This program is approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 

Total Credits: 15 credit hours

Description: The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Certificate Program offers advanced training for radiologic technologists. Upon completion of the certificate, graduates will be prepared to take the national ARRT certification exam.


Medical Assistant 

Total Credits: 24 credit hours

Description: Parkland's Medical Assistant Program prepares students to act as a liaison between the physician and the patient. Medical assistants are skilled in both clinical and administrative areas. In the administrative area typical tasks include medical records management and EMR, awareness of insurance, billing and coding, and patient scheduling.


Nurse Assistant (CNA) 

Total Credits: 6 credit hours

Description: This one-semester, six-credit hour certificate program, approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health, provides students with practice and information on patient care, personal and supportive care, the healthcare working environment, healthcare systems, as well as basic anatomy and nutrition. You may work in long-term care facilities, adult day care centers, home care agencies, medical and mental health centers, or hospitals. You will need to provide official fingerprints and a background check for this program.


Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Total Credits: 71.5 credit hours

Description: The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program prepares the student to practice occupational therapy at the assistant level. OT assistants work with clients who have physical, cognitive, and emotional impairments to improve and support functional performance in daily living activities. Employment opportunities are located in hospitals, clinics, extended care facilities, school systems, day-care centers, and home health care.


Registered Nurse (RN) 

Total Credits: 68 credit hours

Description: The Associate Degree Nursing Program prepares the student to practice nursing at a beginning level, such as a staff nurse position in health care facilities including hospitals, extended care facilities, clinics, and community agencies. The program integrates practice and theory and is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).


Radiologic Technology 

Total Credits: 68 credit hours

Description: The Radiologic Technology Program prepares students to take the national examination for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). The radiographer performs diagnostic procedures using an X-ray machine to take images of the internal parts of the patient’s body.


Respiratory Care Therapy 

Total Credits: 71 credit hours

Description: The Respiratory Care Program prepares students to enter into the practice of respiratory therapy. A Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP) will assist in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic respiratory disease or acute respiratory compromise due to illness or injury. 


Sterile Processing Technician 

Total Credits: 4 credit hours

Description: This one-semester, four-credit hour certificate program prepares students for careers as members of a hospital's central service team. Sterile Processing Technicians are responsible for decontaminating, disassembling, cleaning, reassembling, packaging, and sterilizing instrumentation used in surgical cases as well as in the nursing units.


Surgical Technology 

Total Credits: 65 credit hours

Description: The Surgical Technology Program prepares students with the technical expertise necessary to perform as vital members of the surgical team. Surgical technologists work in a fast-paced environment requiring physical stamina, critical thinking, technical skills, and professionalism.