Additional Certifications

Certified Central Service Technician

Patients rarely meet Central Service (CS) professionals, but they rely on them just the same. They count on Central Service Technicians for clean, sterile, well-functioning instruments used in the surgery and other health care departments and facilities.

Once employed as a CRCST, there are additional credentials and certifications that you can attain on your own.  While maintaining your credential of CRCST, you can work with your employer to see if gaining another credential will give you an additional career opportunity. There will be a skill checklist, study guide and exam at each credential level.

Level 1:  Certified Central Service Technician (CRCST)

Complete SPT 110 and SPT 111 in order to apply to take the CRCST exam in order to earn the credential of CRCST.
Add on Credentials: 

  1. Certified Instrument Specialist (CIS)

Work as a Central Service Technician and demonstrate experience, knowledge and skills to then study to gain another credential of Certified Instrument Specialist. Central Service Department. CIS's are essential members of the healthcare team who are responsible for demonstrating the knowledge and recognition of a variety of medical and surgical instruments.

To earn CIS Certification, you will demonstrate skills through the completion of hands-on work experience as well as the successful completion of an examination developed to measure the understanding of all instrument reprocessing functions (including instrument support system functions, instrumentation practice skills, knowledge and recognition of medical instruments. CIS are required to recertify annually through completion of continuing education credits.

Certified Instrument Specialist (CIS) exam, which tests knowledge and recognition of medical instruments, as well as reviewing instrumentation practice skills. The CIS exam will test your proficiency in the identification and cleaning of medical instruments, and upon completing and passing the exam you will hold the designation of Certified Instrument Specialist (CIS).

  1. Certification in Healthcare Leadership (CHL)

As a CRST, you eligible to study for and complete the requirements for a certification in Healthcare Leadership which will help you attain management positions in central sterile departments.  The Certified Healthcare Leadership (CHL) certification program is designed to recognize individuals who have demonstrated the management and supervisory skills necessary to provide effective leadership in the Central Service Department. CHL personnel are responsible for managing the daily operations of the Central Service Department including standards and regulation compliance, finance, reporting, staffing, human resource management, and inter- and intra-departmental communications. The CRCST credential must be maintained in order to hold the credential of CHL.