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About Us

Our communication faculty staffing the Center can help students with a wide variety of challenges such as organizing speeches, creating visual aids, speech anxiety, and of course coaching them in delivery of their speeches.

Serving Students, Faculty, and Staff

Coaching Services:
• Practice and videotape your next presentation
• Get help putting together a solo or group presentation for any class
• Get coaching to improve oral communication skills
• Get help in coping with anxiety

I would like to say a huge thank you for all of the wonderful help I received from the instructors in the Presentation Lab.  I could not have gotten through the class without the knowledge and expertise of each and everyone of you who work in the lab.  It is a privilege to have such a wonderful resource for students. — Parkland student, Cynthia Creighton

Stop by the Center during our regular hours or email to schedule an appointment. For more information contact the Presentation Center Coordinator at 217/351-2532 or email