Practical Training

The department of Arts, Media, and Social Sciences offers students the opportunity to take the theory of the classroom into the real world through applied experiences. Students get added value by practicing the lessons learned in the classroom in simulated business environments and activities. 

Applied Media Promotions: AMP is a student-staffed strategic communications firm operated by the Fine and Applied arts Department at Parkland College.

David Jones Speech Contest: An annual event in which Communication student advocate for charity in a public forum.

PCTV: Students participate in the operations of a college-owned television studio. 

Perimeter Road Sound Recordings: Parkland College's own student-staffed record label and recording studio. 

Debate Team: Student gain poise and experience through competition with other colleges. 

WPCD FM: Parkland's own 10,500 watt radio station gives students the opportunity to develop their broadcasting and production skills.