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Why study public and professional communication?

Studying public and professional communication provides students with knowledge and experience in areas such as public address, interpersonal communication, group and leadership communication, and organizational communication. You will learn the foundational theory and presentation skills that will prepare you to transfer or enter a career field. At Parkland, you'll have the advantage of small class sizes, taught by master faculty—never teaching assistants. Your success is our priority.

Gain practical training and sharpen your communication skills in the David Jones Speech contest and as part of our award-winning Debate Team!


Introduction to Public Speaking (COM 103): In this foundation course students learn about the communication process, as well as build skills in listening, organizing, and delivering public speeches, and building effective arguments.

Interpersonal Communication (COM 120): Explores communication theory and practice between individuals in workplace and social settings. Students develop communication competence in areas such as perception, self-concept, listening, relationship building, and conflict management. Students learn verbal and non-verbal skills as well as communicating across cultures.

Voice and Diction (COM 140): Emphasizes the voice and vocal skill development through individualized analysis and guided practice designed to enhance vocal skills for presentations and performances.

Communication Practicum (COM 181): Opportunities are provided for experiential learning in various areas of communication including competitive debate, research, and presentations for a variety of events and contexts.

Leadership and Small Group Communication (COM 200): Work in teams to develop leadership skills through study of small group theory, problem-solving, research methods, conflict resolution, and leadership skills.

Business and Professional Communication (COM 205): Gain experience in theory and practice of workplace written and oral communication with emphasis on developing skills in communicating in a virtual environment. 

Will my classes transfer?

COM 103 fulfills the oral communication general education requirement at public four-year institutions in Illinois. Parkland College classes with an even middle digit (such as ENG 101, MAT 128, and BIO 141) are accepted for transfer as general education classes, major courses, or electives as determined by the transfer institution.

For more information about transferring, speak with an academic advisor and visit the Parkland Course Matrix.

Learn more about how these classes fit into a transfer degree or the general education core curriculum (GECC).


Communication: Public and Professional Communication Concentration

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