Matthew Watt

Arts, Media, & Social Sciences Professor of Art and Design

Office: C183C


Matthew Watt holds an BFA in drawing from Eastern Michigan University and an MFA in Painting from Savannah College of Art Design. His work had been exhibited across the US, and has been featured in national publications including Art in America. His current research and production involves drawing and digital media.

My students have diverse career goals. Part of my job is to illustrate the continuity between various art and design fields, while providing my students with a comprehensive experience in visual literacy, creative problem solving, materials and techniques. Everything that a student learns in art and design is cumulative. Success at intermediate and advanced levels is dependent upon a complete understanding of what art is. My goal is to provide students with a rigorous and supportive environment where they can develop as skilled artists, possessing the self-confidence and critical awareness they need to engage the world in which they live.

He has curated several exhibitions, two of which, focused on contemporary drawing. He teaches Drawing, Painting and Digital Art.