Alumni Profiles

Parkland students transfer to nationally recognized institutions including: The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Rhode Island School of Design, University of Illinois, Illinois State University, Columbia College, Cornell University, and other top ranked schools.


Josh Doniek






"I always recommend my students take an art class at Parkland. I learned so much from all the FFA professors during my time at Parkland that helped to shape me into the artist I am today. While I was there, I really felt like my professors were invested in my success." Josh Doniek, High School Art Instructor, Champaign Unit 4 Schools

William Smith






"The two years I spent in Parkland College’s art department provided me with a great foundation in fine art, which has been an integral part of my success at Cornell University and beyond. It is the traditional art education that I received at Parkland that gives me the confidence moving forward to explore more conceptual ideas. My previous experience at an art school in Chicago helped me to appreciate Parkland’s personal and supportive art faculty, who were always willing to instruct anything I was willing to learn. Parkland’s challenging curriculum helped to prepare me for the rigor and commitment needed to succeed at my following four-year institution." - William Jihrel Smith, B.F.A. Cornell University