Adult education programs

Parkland College Adult Education is here to help you move ahead. Whether that's setting you on a Career Pathway, getting your GED, or brushing up on some basic skills, we're here to help. Explore all our programs below to get started! 

Basic Skills

Assists eligible adults with improving their reading, writing, math, and technology skills. The goal is to help students transition to high school equivalency preparation classes, bridge programming, career pathways programming, and/or entry level employment.

Career Pathways

Part of Parkland College's Career & Technical Education division. Gain the skills you need for a new career by starting with our free college prep classes.

English Language Learning

Free multicultural English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for people living in the U.S. The program helps improve basic English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills for non-native English speakers. ESL Career Training is also available.

High School Equivalency and Test Prep

Free classes to help you prepare for college entrance exams, High School Equivalency tests, or refresh your skills in reading, writing, math, or technology, as well as employment and college readiness.

Project READ

Free tutoring in reading, English, and math held weekly at local libraries or online.

Short-Term Training

Designed for students to enter career pathway programming. Students who complete the program earn a college credential that will enable them to enter the workforce as an entry-level professional in that field, or can count towards a related Associates degree.

Youth Programs

Designed to support students ages 16-24 who are out of school as they work to complete their high school equivalency. Students are enrolled in high school equivalency prep courses and career exploration including engaging in work-site learning experience, individualized mentorship, and development of a career portfolio.