Project READ: free tutoring for adults


Reading, Math, and English

Podemos a yudarle a aprender a leer, hacer matemáticas, o hablar inglés–gratis

Nous pouvons vous aider à apprendre à lire, à faire mathématique simple, ou utiliser l ’anglais--gratuit

Become a Project READ Learner:

  • To get tutoring in reading, basic math or English, please email
    • Project READ staff will complete intake forms and assessments with you
    • Project READ staff will ask questions about tutoring
      • When can you meet for tutoring?
      • Where do you want to work with a tutor (in-person or online)?
      • Do you want to learn reading, basic math, or English? 
  • Once the above information is collected, Project READ staff will carefully match you with the tutor that is best for you! 
    • Tutor and learner pairs talk with each other to decide the best location, dates, and times to meet for tutoring.
    • If you have trouble communicating with your tutor, email for help! 

Meet Us:

Project READ is made possible by the Illinois State Library, a division of the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, using funds designated for literacy.