Graduates – Summer and Fall 2019 

Parkland College announces its Summer and Fall 2019 graduates. Included are those who have earned an associate's degree or a certificate.

Graduates are listed below by Illinois hometown, unless otherwise noted. Congratulations!

Ty'ohn D. Trimble, AGS, Associate in General Studies

Alicia J. Gonzalez, AS, Elementary Education
Coady I. Kerner, AS, Computer Science/Computer Information Systems
Kalvin Andrew Miller, AS, General
Justin M. Oye, AAS, Automotive Technology
Faith M. Spelman, AA, Social Work
David  Trevino, AA, Social Work

Kelsy E. Gosda, AAS, Surgical Technology

Alison J. Kelley, AAS, Surgical Technology

Sarah D. Sutter, AAS, Surgical Technology

Lauren E. Steele, AAS, Surgical Technology

Erin C. Little, AA, General
Maddison E. Smith, AAS, Surgical Technology

Campton Hills
Spencer W. Mohr, AS, Aviation

Kailee N. Jarling, AAS, Surgical Technology

Caylin R. Adams, AA, Criminal Justice Education
Awele M. Allanah, AS, Biological Sciences
Cole P. Argoudelis, AAS, Automotive Technology
Walter S. Brodech, AA, Psychology
Jared T. Busby, AAS, Respiratory Care
Christina B. Coleman, AA, Social Work
Liam A. Daly, AA, General
Scott C. Dibler, AA, Political Science
Adam M. Fletcher, AAS/CER, Massage Therapy
Paloma C. Gonzalez, AA, General
Zachary A. Gowlett, AA, General
Dante T. Hemsouvanh, AS, General
Devante T. Hodges, AS, Business Administration
Vanessa J. Jones, AAS, Surgical Technology
Anthony W.N. Kilber, AS, General
Alyssa M. Kington, AA, Social Work
Judith M. Knight, CER, Massage Therapy
Laura E. Litchfield, CER, Massage Therapy
Elisha M. Mapson, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Stephany G. Meyer, AAS, Dental Hygiene
Maya R. Nelson, AA, Social Work
Kelcie M.M. O'Neal, AA, General
Braxton A. Parisi, AAS, Surgical Technology
Karen M. Perez, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Phuoc M. Phan, AAS, Business: Management
Kaitlyn Brittny D. Prado, AA, Psychology
Elijah A. Ramirez, AS, Business Administration
Richard A. Ross, AS, Physical Science
Edwina L. Sayon, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Aaron D. Stickney, AS, General
Briana S. Sykes, AFA, Music Education
Marissa A. Sylvester, AAS, Surgical Technology
Yifei  Wang, AS, Business Administration
Liberty M. Wikoff, AAS, Nursing
Allyssa J. Wilson, AAS, Accounting
Anna M. Witte, AA, English (Literature)
Alex S. Wood, AS, Business Administration

Cissna Park
Joshua P. Bauer, AA, Liberal Art and Sciences
Ellie G. Kaufman, AS, General

James J. Schafroth, AS, General

Trevor J. Kerrins, AS, Agriculture

James IA Baker, AS, Computer Science/Computer Information Systems

Logan M. Hill, AAS, Case New Holland Service Technician

Parker A. Danuser, AS, General
Emily R. Lueken, AAS, Surgical Technology

Emma D. McKeon, AA, General

Farmer City
Nicholas M. Homann, AA, General

Zachary M. Johnson, AS, General
Madelyn N. Nelson, AA, Psychology
Kamri S. Thompson-Michael, AGS, Associate in General Studies

Gibson City
Calli J. Robinson, AAS, Agricultural Business Management; CER, Agri-Business

Amanda L. Springer, AGS, Associate in General Studies

Madison J. Quattro, AS, General

Elijah J. Richards, AAS, Automotive Technology
Bryson L. Steele, AAS, Automotive Technology
Connor D. Wienke, AA, Criminal Justice Education

Hopkins, Minnesota
Judah O. Merrell, AA, General

Le Roy
Austin M. Mullis, AAS, Criminal Justice

Frances N. Burns, AA, History

Matthew D. Berry, AAS, Construction Management
Emily B. File, AS, General
Cassidy R. Gresham, AAS, Surgical Technology
Na  Jiang, AASS/CER, Child Development 
Kayla M. Kilar, AA, General
Lauren M. Kilar, AS, Business Administration
Samuel A. Livingston, AAS, Industrial Technology
Andrea C. Stack, AA, Early Childhood Education

Bryon W. Manuel, AAS, Automotive Technology

Joscelyn L. Yarbrough, AA, General

Bryce W. Frederick, AAS, Case New Holland Service Technician

Olivia R. Behning, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Kendra L. Barbee, AA, Early Childhood Education
Angela M. Beals, CER, Massage Therapy
Anna M. Docherty, CER, Massage Therapy
Jo Ann  Hunt, AAS, Business: Management
Karlie D. Leischner, CER, Child Development Certificate
Cassandra R. Reinbold, AA, Early Childhood Education
Katlyn A. Smith, AS, General
Sierra N. Smith, AAS, Surgical Technology
David E. Vanderkloot, AGS, Associate in General Studies

Chad M. Dillon, AAS, Automotive Technology

Henry S. Volk, AAS, Case New Holland Service Technician

Michael J. Stack, AGS, Associate in General Studies

Priscille M. Levi

Brandon A. Rowe, AS, General

Regina  Barajas, AAS, Surgical Technology
Jacob W. Torro, AAS, Agricultural Business: Management

Madelyn J. Brouwer, AS, General

Cameron A. Camp, AA, English (Literature)
Tawny M. Dyche, AAS, Business: Management
Nathan M. Lee, AS, Secondary Education
Mackenzie Marie Smith, AA, Psychology

Robert D. Barnard, AGS, Associate in General Studies

Stacey L. Bingham, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Zachary R. Martin, CER, Agri-Business
Jordan E. Pardick, CER, Child Development Certificate
Elisha I. Roy, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Kristina A. Stewart, AGS, Associate in General Studies

Crystal J. Mathis, AGS, Associate in General Studies

Ryan  Mills, AA, General

Yaakema A. Rose, AGS, Associate in General Studies

St. Anne
Zachary R. Cowsert, AAS, Agricultural Business: Applied Agronomy

St. Joseph
Katelyn N. Burch, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Paige B. Dalton, AA, Social Work
Carson D. Florey, AA, General
Jessica L. Mattingly, AA, General
Adalyn J. Parke, AA, General
Raegan J. Smith, AA, General
Tori R. Witruk, AS, Secondary Education

Kristen A. Mathis, AS, Business Administration

Cole T. Thomas, AAS, Agricultural Business: Grain Merchandising and Management
Kimberly D. Wingler, AS, Kinesiology

Zachary A. Berg, AAS, Data Systems and Development
William M. Bester, AS, General
Collin D. Clark, AAS, Automotive Technology
Clinton D. Dieu, AAS, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Wendy J. Holmes, CER, Child Development Certificate
Darnell D. Kennedy, AAS/CER, Hospitality Industry: Hotel/Motel Management
Jacob D. Mays, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Matthew I. Niehans, CER, Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD): Mechanical Design
Brittany N. Pirie, AAS, Surgical Technology
Stephen J. Riskedal, AS, General

Villa Grove
Clayton P. Hooker, AS, Secondary Education
Jacob T. Vonlanken, AS, General

Thomas I. Johnston, AS, General

Whitestown, Indiana
Jalen L. Hodges, AS, General