Summer and Fall 2018 

Parkland College recently announced its Summer 2018 and Fall 2018 graduates. Included are those who have earned an associate’s degree or a certificate. Candidates are listed below by Illinois hometown, unless otherwise noted. 


Karla I. Becerra, AS, General
Kassondra C. Graham, AGS, General Studies
Sidney L. Johns, AS, Kinesiology
Jose J. Leal Jr., AS, Kinesiology
Kollin L. Seaman, AAS, Industrial Technology
Mayra J. Vazquez, AS, General
Dielsy N. Zendeja, AA, General

Kayla L. Hodge, AA, Special Education

Lisa A. Harrison, AAS, Nursing

Ryan E. Dooley, AA, General

Berea, Kentucky
Russell T. Kidwell, AA, General

Rheyse W. Dice, AAS, Diesel Power Equipment Technology

Brittany A. Johnson, AA, General
Kenneth H. Tudor, AAS, Automotive Ford Motor ASSET Program

Tyler M. Allen, AAS, Communication: Media Arts and Production

Courtney  Reid, AES, Engineering Science

Josh R. Kimbro, AGS, General Studies

Tramell  Albritten, AGS, General Studies
Brooke R. Allen, AAS, Nursing
Alexandria J. Alvarez, AAS, Nursing
Payton K. Archer, AA, General
Kimberly M. Bachman, AS, General
Rebecca R. Bahnke, CER, Massage Therapy
Kofi M. Bazzell-Smith, AGS, General Studies
Kumar  Bhowmik, AGS, General Studies
Jennifer L. Boyd, AS, General
Janessa G. Brooks, AGS, General Studies
Shelby K. Campbell, AAS, Nursing
Irsen  Campuzano, AA, Criminal Justice Education
Hannah K. Carmichael, AAS, Massage Therapy
Nathaniel  Cebulski, AA, General
Scott R. Chambers, AA, Communication
Lauryn E. Charles, AAS, CER, Surgical Technology
Shannon R. Chatman, AGS, General Studies
Mia M. Colbert, AGS, General Studies
Collin R. Collier, CER, Accounting
Christina M. Cooper, AAS, Nursing
Taylor D. Cunningham, AS, General
Devonte G. Daniels, AA, General
Dezima D. Daniels, AAS, Nursing
Emily J. Deck, AAS, Nursing
Jean-Robert  Dimai, AAS, Electronic Control Systems Technology
Pondja P. Djamba, AAS, Business Administrative Technology
Fredesminda R. Ebes, AA, General
Brooke K. Eisenbarth, CER, Practical Nursing
Cole R. Elliott, AAS, Data Systems and Development
Marissa G. Embry, CER, Massage Therapy
Nicholas R. Estergard, AGS, General Studies
Raytwon D. Exum, AAS, Business: Management
Bailey R. Faust, AS, General
Jay M. Firchau, AAS, Construction Management
Kyra N. Francois, AGS, General Studies
Brittany D. Frost, AAS, Nursing
Dominique A. Gillon, AGS, General Studies
Adriana C. Goad, AAS, Emergency Medical Services: Paramedic
Christopher M. Graff, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Kimberly A. Guikema, AAS, Nursing
Nicholas W. Guinto, AAS, Nursing
Ryan W. Head, AA, Liberal Art and Sciences
Lindsay A. Heinlein, AA, Psychology
Debbie S. Henderson, AAS, Nursing
Kody A. Hitchins, AAS, Criminal Justice
Jesse J. Homann, AA, Communication
Warren I. Inskeep, AAS, Construction Management: Land Surveying
Katrina M. Jarrett, AAS, Business Administrative Technology and CER, Office Specialist
Grace  Jeon Lee, AAS, Nursing
Xiaoyi  Jie, AES, Engineering Science
Ayat Z. Khdour, AS, General
Mikhail A. Kogan, AFA, Art and Design
Ruth A. Kombe, AS, Business Administration
Amber C. Lewis, AGS, General Studies
Christopher B. Lovdahl, AA, Political Science
Elizabeth R. Lovdahl, AS, Business Administration
Randall N. Luttrell, AAS, Automotive Technology
Muriel Emmu  Mampouya Balende, AS, Biological Sciences
Alex J. Markovich, AS, General
Whitney I. Martinez, AAS, Nursing
Ashley M. McEntire, AS, General
Jacob L. McGrew, CER, HVAC Installation Technician and CER, HVAC Service Technician 1
Autumn T. McIntosh, AS, General
Katherine E. Meid, AS, General
Kevin M. Mejías Soto, AAS, Network Administration and Support
Ryley J. Morfey, AA, Special Education
Ezequiel  Munoz, AS, General
Yosra  Nadhimi, AA, General
Andreas K. Nielsen, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Ashley R. Nelson, AA, Psychology
Andrew B. Norcross, AS, Special Education
Ashley N. Owen, AS, General
Rutu  Patel, AES, Engineering Science
Rubrick A. Perez, AAS, Nursing
Benjamin P. Perkinson, AAS, Industrial Technology
Andrew W. Pihl, AAS, Nursing
Brett E. Poling, AAS, Network Administration and Support
Austen R. Pontious, AAS, Communication: Media Arts and Production
Morgan C. Poplawski, AA, Early Childhood Education
Cassie X. Proulx, AAS, Data Systems and Development
April N. Purcell, AAS, Child Development
Elizabeth  Rabelo Zavaleta, AAS, Nursing
Brandi A. Rainbolt, AGS, General Studies
Diana E. Reyna-Padroń, AGS, General Studies and CER, Practical Nursing
Danica D. Rivera, AGS, General Studies
Nathanial W. Rochester, AAS, Digital Media
Jessica  Rogers, AA, General
Dominick  Rosales, AA, Theatre Arts
Sara E. Ryniec, AS, Business Administration
Mokammel H. Sanju, AES, Engineering Science
Shannon M. Schmidt, AAS, Nursing
Victoria  Shepherd-Fortner, AAS, Communication: Media Arts and Production
Alaina E. Smith, AS, General
Erik A. Sofranko, AA, Communication
Tyler R. Solomon, AGS, General Studies
Kevin M. Mejias Soto, AAS, Network Administration and Support
Rebecca E. Stephen, AS, General
Joseph M. Strunk, AAS, Nursing
Michelle R. Swartz, CER, Practical Nursing
Megan  Tapp, AS, General
Jessica T. Tatman, AAS, CER, Massage Therapy
Marissa M. Thompson, AGS, General Studies
Randolph D. Truffa, AS, General
Kyle J. West, AS, Kinesiology
Robert M. Wilbur II, AAS, Data Systems and Development
Evan T. Williams, AA, Communication
Kelcey J. Williams, AAS, Communication: Photography
Allison A. Wolf, AAS, Nursing
Aerielle B. Wood, AAS, Nursing
Amy A. Wyatt, CER, Massage Therapy
Kris S. Yang, AES, Engineering Science
Yanjun  Yang, AAS, Accounting

Andrew W. Hampton, AAS, Nursing

Christine A. Nelson, CER, Practical Nursing
Rebeca  Rivera-Garcia, AAS, CER, Surgical Technology

Thomas M. Haley, AA, Political Science
De’Quaniis HR Jackson, AGS, General Studies
LaRielle M. Kidd, AA, General
David  Lu, AS, General
Wayneisha A.D. Sharp, AGS, General Studies
Clarissa D. Torres, AGS, General Studies

Rosalee H. Miller, AAS, Business: Management

Cissna Park
Melannie J. Verkler, AGS, General Studies

Sydnie M. Klemme, AFA, Art Education

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Sarah K. Jones, AGS, General Studies

Columbia, Maryland
Hyojin  Cho, AGS, Associate in General Studies

Crawfordsville, Indiana
Drake L. Davis, AAS, Case New Holland Service Technician
Emily E. Garney, AA, Communication

Sean-Paul  Trotter, AAS, Case New Holland Service Technician
George H. King II, AAS, Diesel Power Equipment Technology

Brock C. West, AAS, Data Systems and Development

Jonathan S. Keller, CER, Massage Therapy
Nathaniel C. Mechling, AS, General

Alyssa M. Chapman, AAS, Nursing
Ashley N. Price, AA, General

Reid D. Shoemaker, AS, General

Samantha M. Brandenburger, AAS, CER, Hospitality Industry: Hotel/Motel Management
Shelby J. Nunamaker, AS, General

El Cajon, California
Janessa L. Pankey, AA, Sociology

Ross D. Brown, AA, General

Veronica R. Hurt, AAS, CER, Surgical Technology
Britney S. Kafer, AS, Secondary Education
Maci L. Oelschlager, AS, General
Adam M. Shawback, AAS, Construction: Trade Technology and CER, Construction: Carpentry
Anna L. Stephens, AAS, CER, Surgical Technology

Falmouth, Maine
Connor R.H. Aube, AS, General

Farmer City
Melissa A. Rees, CER, Practical Nursing
Jacinta L. Smith, AGS, General Studies
Justin A. Zander, AAS, Business: Management

Michele A. Macaraeg, AAS, Business: Management
Gina M. Masko, AAS, Massage Therapy
Ivey L. Spenard, AAS, Nursing
Kamri S. Thompson-Michael, CER, Practical Nursing

Makenzie L. Gayler, CER, Massage Therapy
Kyle A. Weise, AAS, Network Administration and Support

Flushing, New York
Guangqi  Xu, AES, Engineering Science

Michelle K. Kaisner, AGS, General Studies

Parker W. Kendrick, AAS, Construction Management: Contracting

Mark T. Mangieri Jr., AGS, General Studies

Joshua E. Hays, AS, General

Maycee J. McDaniel, CER, Massage Therapy

Gibson City
Lindsay R. Carpenter, CER, Massage Therapy
Tyler S. Hinshaw, AAS, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning; CER, HVAC Service Technician 1; and CER, HVAC Installation Technician
Graysen M. Voelker, AAS, Agricultural Business: Precision Ag Technology
Amber L. Wittemann, AA, Criminal Justice Education
Kaitlyn R. Zbinden, AS, General

Ashlie S. Hannagan, AS, General and AGS, General Studies
Miranda L. Sellers, AAS, Agricultural Business: Applied Agronomy

Brandy E. Smith, AGS, General Studies

Bailey E. Bryan, AFA, Art Education
Zachary D. Coffin, AAS, Communication: Media Arts and Production

Bobbi R. Moore, AAS, Nursing
Brenda L. Roy, AAS, Business Administrative Technology

Sabrina L. Dobkins, CER, Massage Therapy

Jeffersonville, Indiana
Victoria N. Buckley, AAS, Emergency Medical Services: Paramedic

Jennings, Oklahoma
Jason G. Reasoner, AAS, Automotive Technology

Matthew D. Jenkins, AS, General

La Salle
Jarret S. Olson, AS, General

Lafayette, Indiana
Kristina M. Patrick, AA, General

Lake Forest
Kristen A. Jessen, AAS, Nursing

Lake Zurich
Joyce I. Song, AAS, Nursing

Stephanie M. Friedlein, AA, General
Noah A. Perry, AFA, Art and Design

Connor L. Poffinbarger, AS, Agriculture

Allison L. Hofer, AS, General
Carter W. Riecks, AAS, Industrial Technology
Heidi J. Waldbeser, AAS, Business Administrative Technology

Dennis C. Garmon, AS, Agriculture

Yael H. Bartov, AGS, General Studies
Kailey E. Bell, AAS, Nursing
Lisa A. Brantley, AAS, Nursing
Alexis E. Butzin, AS, General
Jazmin L. Butzin, AS, General
Colton B. Dillavou, AA, General
Terri L. Durst, CER, Accounting
Danielle R. Ellis, CER, Massage Therapy
Hailey N. Emmerd, AAS, Nursing
Kirsten C. Finch, AS, Secondary Education
Krista J. Harsha, AAS, CER, Surgical Technology
Ariana M. Helm, AAS, Massage Therapy
Jordan L. Johnson, CER, HVAC Service Technician 1
Jessie L. Knapp, AAS, Criminal Justice
Lauren R. Kumler, AGS, General Studies
Duane H. Linton, AAS, Emergency Medical Services: Paramedic
Mukhsita B. Monaghan, AA, General
Evangeline N. Mondello, AAS, Nursing
Arch K. Patel, AS, Mathematics
Keith B. Roedl, AGS, General Studies
Benjamin C. Williams, AAS, Nursing

Jessica N. Bartley, AAS, Business Administrative Technology

Lindsay D. Maher, AAS, CER, Surgical Technology

Dalton W. English, AAS, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Dalton W. English, CER, HVAC Service Technician 1
Dalton W. English, CER, HVAC Installation Technician
Hannah T. Kincade, AGS, General Studies

Makayla R. Abbott, AA, General
Brandy L.A. Adams, AS, General
Ashley N. Barnes, AAS, Nursing
Shane T. Benson, AGS, General Studies
Bethany L. Buchanan, AAS, Nursing
Taylor P. Buchanan, AA, General
Michael W. Clark, CER, Agri-Business
Michael W. Clark, AAS, Agricultural Business: Management
Casey A. Coon, CER, Practical Nursing
Emily A. Defend, AAS, Nursing
Jessica L. Evans, AA, General
Chase T. Hinton, AAS, Construction Management: Land Surveying
Andrew D. Koss, AAS, Agricultural Business: Management
Andrew D. Koss, CER, Agri-Business
Christopher L. Lewis, AA, General
Andrea M. Malone, AS, General
Julie E. Nisbet, AAS, Horticulture: Landscape and Urban Horticulture
Anneliese M. Rund, AS, General
Elisabeth J. Seeber, AAS, CER, Surgical Technology

Mount Morris
Alana R. Leamanczyk, AA, Psychology

Newark, Delaware
Avshalom W. Shongwe, AA, General

Lori R. Beaulieu, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Courtney A. Helm, AAS, CER, Surgical Technology

Jason A. Shahan, AAS, Nursing

Oak Park
Lance M. Dumont, AS, Business Administration

Robert D. Guthrie, AAS, Nursing

Jonathan P. Koshinski, AAS, Criminal Justice

Andrea L. Crain, CER, Practical Nursing
Grant C. Harper, CER, Automotive Technician
Ethan O. Mizer, AA, General

Jose G. Lopez, AA, Liberal Art and Sciences
Jacob W. Torro, CER, Agri-Business

Gillian D. Jones, AS, General

Evan C. Snyder, AA, General

Tyler D. Woods, AS, General

Levi L. McConchie, AAS, Business: Management and CER, Business: Entrepreneurship

Haley C. Brokate, AAS, Agricultural Business: Applied Agronomy
Kelsey E. Caple, AS, General
Angela B. Cleary, CER, Massage Therapy
Karli R. Eastin, AAS, Nursing
Terri L. Mobley, AAS, CER, Surgical Technology
Ryan L. Pomrenke, AAS, Horticulture: Landscape and Urban Horticulture
Aaron D. Slack, AS, General
Nora C. Snyder, AA, General
Gwendolyn O. Werner, AAS, Nursing
William R. Young, AAS, Graphic Design

Nancy J. Bruno, CER, Accounting

Kierra R. Branch, AAS, Industrial Technology

Shavonne M. Bradley, AAS, CER, Accounting
Lesley A. Chumbley, AGS, General Studies
Chase S. Hutchison, CER, Automotive Technician

Anna M. Happ, AAS, Nursing
Emma C. Powell, AAS, Nursing

Pierson Station
Alyssa D. McArthur, AS, General

Logan D. Knight, AAS, Case New Holland Service Technician

Jena L. Benz, AA, Psychology
Jeffery S. Bishop, AAS, Automotive Technology
Ashley J. Bode, AS, General
Richard C. Bolser, AGS, General Studies
Sarah M. Broida, AA, Psychology
Cylie A. Couch, AAS, Nursing
Tabitha L. Hanson, AA, Liberal Arts and Sciences
Takeisha L. Johnson, CER, Practical Nursing
Moses M. Kelly, AAS, Network Administration and Support
Jesse J. Kesler, AGS, General Studies
Kristeen M. Smith, AAS, Business: Management
Dallas R. Spanhook, AAS, Nursing
Isaac W. Swiney, AS, General
Chandler J. Wallace, AS, Business Administration

Trevor A. Fox, AAS, Agricultural Business: Precision Ag Technology

LaRyan D. Buckner, AAS, CER, Surgical Technology
Joshua R. Caughey, AS, General
Georges M. Mbassa-Amang, AS, Business Administration
Joseph A. Morton, AA, Political Science
Keshia B. Osmundson, AAS, Accounting
Biqian  Sun, AS, General
Erik O. Wesolowski, AAS, Nursing

Sydney N. Henderson, AAS, Construction Management: Land Surveying
Karin P. Honeycutt, AAS, Nursing
Angela N. Melvin, AAS, Nursing

Shunera Y. Gillespie, AAS, Nursing

St. Joseph
Lacey N. Berlatsky, CER, Practical Nursing
Craig M. Chochola, AES, Engineering Science
Kohlten D. Johnson, AS, Business Administration
Robin R. Poff, AGS, General Studies
Kevin O. Sandefur, AAS, Accounting
Kayla S. Sparks, AAS, Accounting

Meridith C. Johnson, AA, Early Childhood Education
Mitchell W. Lanz, AAS, Business: Management

Leanna A. Elder, AAS, Nursing

Tere Haute, Indiana
Peter B. Andermann, AS, General

Anna N. Flosi, AAS, Nursing
Clayton R. Sage, AAS, Agricultural Business: Management

Gabrielle P. Moore, AS, General
Cayla B. Thompson, AS, General
Krista A. Williamson, AS, Business Administration
Sophie E. Woolard, AS, General

Matthew T. Karnes, AAS, Data Systems and Development
Joel H. Middleton, AAS, Communication: Media Arts and Production
Katherine A. Neal, AGS, General Studies
Baylee L. Tackitt, CER, Practical Nursing

Anna R. Adams, AA, Criminal Justice Education
Lolita D. Bechel, AAS, Criminal Justice
John C. Bien, AA, Secondary Education
Leco D. Braggs, AA, General
Isaiah K. Brown, AGS, General Studies
Ariana R. Bullock, CER, Practical Nursing
Brandon  Burton, AS, General
Chantell  Butler, CER, Practical Nursing
Rocio  Chavez, AGS, General Studies
Dennis K. Chiu, AAS, Nursing
Maria A. Cuahuey, AA, General
Quinten L. Cunningham, CER, Automotive Collision Repair Technician
Flora R. Denton, AS, General
Austin J. Dillavou, AS, General
Jamie A. Freeman, AAS, Network Administration and Support
Samantha J. Gallo, AA, General
Francisco A. Gamino, AAS, Data Systems and Development
Kerim A. Handal, AA, English (Literature)
Theresa M. Heater, AA, General
Adam J. Hill, AS, General
Chip  Holmes, AGS, General Studies
Kelly  Ipoma, AGS, General Studies
Timur A. Javid, AES, Engineering Science
Naomi N. Johnson, AFA, Art and Design
Zsane A. Johnson, AAS, CER, Surgical  Technology
Joseph A. Kennedy, AAS, Network Administration and Support
Elie  Longueli, AAS, Network Administration and Support
Kai A. Lopez, AS, Aviation
Julio C. Lopez Montiel, AAS, Network Administration and Support
Katelyn M. McCarthy, AAS, Nursing
Javier A. Medranoduran, AS, General
Jennifer L. Morris, AAS, Nursing
Marlene O. Mufuta, AA, General
Patrick  Musasa Amusa, AAS, Network Administration and Support
Serella E. Nolan, CER, Practical Nursing
Rebecca L. Painter, AA, General
Karen Y. Parada, AS, Kinesiology
John J. Park, AAS, Nursing
Seth W. Payne, AES, Engineering Science
Kaiden M. Pope, AS, General
Ashley T. Pummill, AS, General
Chloe N. Reiss, AAS, CER, Massage Therapy
Isaac W. Swiney, AES, Engineering Science
Alyssa M. Vodacek, AAS, Nursing
Alexa V. Waller, AAS, CER, Surgical Technology
Katharine E. Wennerdahl, AA, General
Daniel A. Wiggs, CER, HVAC Service Technician 1 and CER, HVAC Installation Technician
Cornosha  Williams, AAS, Hospitality Industry: Restaurant Management

Villa Grove
Merlin-Maximilian  Eck, AGS, General Studies
Roderick G. Gunter, AS, General
Cameron A. Knell, AGS, General Studies
Laura L. Wilson, AAS, Nursing

Michelle L. Lewis, AAS, CER, Surgical Technology

Jordan N. Maher, AGS, General Studies