Tax credit reporting

Tuition Payments Statement

We recommend that you refer to this information to assist you in understanding who did and did not receive a Form 1098-T. This information must not be construed as tax advice. The amounts and calculations used to determine the credit are the decision of the taxpayer after consideration of relevant IRS regulations, Form 8863, and perhaps, the advice of a tax consultant.

1098-T Form Most Frequently Asked Questions:

What did I pay for tuition in calendar year?
Please refer to your canceled checks and credit card statements for this information. If you need more detail, a printout of relevant semesters and payments may be obtained from the Cashier Office U-250 or by accessing your online student account.
Where was my form mailed?
Parkland College mailed the 1098-T forms based on addresses provided by the students to the Admissions Office. The order of address priority was: permanent, local, billing, refund, void (last known).
What is Form 1098-T (Tuition Payments Statement) ?
Form 1098-T is used by eligible educational institutions to report for each student the enrolled amounts they received for qualified tuition and related expense payments. Eligible educational institutions file this form for each student they enroll and for whom a reportable transaction is made.
What if Parkland made an error on the form?
Corrected or Amended Information Reports issued if College's information was recorded in error.
What assistance does Parkland's Cashier Office provide?
  • Clarify information on the Information Report (1098-T).
  • Explain to students how to provide or correct their SSN/ITIN with Admissions and Records office.
  • Make updates to students' addresses in the computer system.
Why does the 1098-T form show billed amounts instead of payments?
The IRS requires Parkland College to choose one reporting method. The College chose to report the amount billed based on computer software issues.
Why did I receive Form 1098-T?
Form 1098-T has been provided to assist in determining if you, or the individual, who may claim you as a dependent, are eligible to claim a American Opportunity Credit on an income tax return.
What if I didn't get a 1098-T?
If you did not receive a form and should have, please verify that the form was not mailed to another address such as your permanent (parents) address. If not, a photo copy can be made of the original form that was previously sent out.
Where can I get receipts for tuition payments?
  • Go to my.parkland
  • Select the Student Financial Information option on the WebAdvisor for Students tab
What if I have further questions?
Parkland College has sent the forms in compliance with IRS guidelines. However, we can not offer any tax advise on this issue. If you have further questions, please utilize the resources at the links below.
What do the amounts located on the form represent?
  • Box 2 represents the amount of qualified billed tuition at Parkland College for calendar dates January 1 through December 31.
  • Box 3 represents the adjustments for a prior year.  Under amounts billed you should enter any reductions in charges made for qualified tuition and related expenses made during the calendar year that relate to amounts billed that were reported for a prior year.
  • Box 4 represents the total of all scholarships or grants administered and processed by the eligible educational institution. The amount of scholarships or grants for the calendar year (including those not reported by the institution) may reduce the amount of any allowable tuition and fees deduction or the education credit you may claim for the year.
  • Box 6 is checked only if the student has been billed prior to December 31 for any qualified tuition for the following spring semester.
  • Box 8 is only checked if you have been a half time student (6 credit hours) for at least one academic period that began during the calendar year.
How do I determine which expenses will qualify for the American Opportunity Credits?
Parkland College can not offer tax advice. Please see your individual tax consultant for additional information.
Who prepared Form 1098-T?
Parkland College has prepared the 1098-T forms based on the information provided by the Business Office and the student accounting system.
If I receive Form 1098-T, does it mean I qualify for the American Opportunity Credit?
Not necessarily, the College is required to provide Form 1098-T to individuals who were billed for qualified tuition and fees during a calendar year. Please consult with a qualified tax preparer or CPA to make an individual determination.
Why didn't I receive a 1098-T when I attended Parkland College?
  • There are several possibilities: 
  1. The IRS does not require us to send you one if your scholarship and aid (including formal billing arrangements with employers, government agencies, etc.) exceeded the billed amount. 
  2. You attended Parkland College in the spring semester but you had enrolled and been billed in prior calendar year. 
  3. We do not have a valid United States mailing address on file for you.
  4. Your classified as a non-resident alien 5) Your billed amounts consisted of only non-credit courses.