In January of 1978, WPCD, located in room 120 in the X wing of Parkland College went on the air for the first time. Broadcasting on the frequency of 88.7 FM, WPCD was only putting out just 3000 watts of power, the station was to be a learning laboratory for Parkland College students interested in the fields of Mass Media and Broadcast Communications. Parkland instructor and local news channel broadcaster, Ed Kelly took the idea of creating a radio station at the college from drawing board to on the air. When it did go on the air it was for only a short amount of time each day, beginning at 8am to noon in the summer, and until 5pm or 7pm in the Spring and Fall semesters.  Overseen by only a few faculty and staff, the station was run mainly by students who were enrolled in the Speech 111 classes, the format of the station at the time was rather eclectic with news, sports, human affairs, and a music format of Top-40, country and jazz. 

In the following years, the format of the station changed numerous times, as did the broadcasting power. In 1998, the station relocated to a newer taller, transmitter tower and increased its power to 10,500 watts, allowing it to broadcast to all of the Parkland College 505 District. Old equipment made way for new, analog systems moved over for more digital ones to keep up to date with changing technology, and eventually a new all- music format of indie-alternative rock was settled on.  While all of these changes were being made, one thing did not. WPCD will still be, first and foremost, a learning lab with the best equipment, software, and operating procedures available for those students interested in pursuing an education or career in Mass Media, Broadcast Communications, or Audio Production. WPCD is still staffed and operated by students in the COM 141 and 142 courses and overseen by a small number of staff and intern. The station is now fully automated and broadcasts 24 hours a day on 88.7 FM or worldwide via streaming at wpcd.parkland.edu.