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What’s an Apprenticeship?

Train for a new career while working in a paid position alongside an experienced professional as they mentor you in company culture and your new career field.
Attend classes and workshops selected by your employer to help you gain hands-on skills faster; tuition assistance is often provided by the employer.
Apprenticeship programs can be one month up to six years in length and vary by occupation and employer. Each employer creates a custom program designed to train you to be a fully competent worker in your selected occupation.

How to Get Started

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Will my employer pay for my classes?

Employers often pay some or all of the education cost for their apprentices. Some pay upfront and others reimburse apprentices after successful completion of the class(es).

Is my time in class considered paid work time?

This varies by employer. Check out the program details to see if an employer pays wages during class time.

Does my previous work experience or completed classes count toward my apprenticeship?

Yes! Apprentices are given credit for prior work experience and prior learning if applicable to their apprenticeship program.

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How long does it take to set up an apprenticeship program?

An apprenticeship takes one week to a few months to create. Creating customized training can take longer than using existing curriculum.

How much does an apprenticeship program cost?

The employer determines if they'll pay wages during class time or subsidize education costs. Parkland does not charge to sponsor your program and provide technical assistance with USDOL.

Do we provide the apprentices, or do you connect us with current students?

Both! Parkland will promote your program to our enrolled students. We encourage employers to post and promote the apprenticeship as they would any other career opportunity. We can coach you on marketing your apprenticeship.