Accessibility Resources at parkland college

Parkland College Accessibility Policies

Policy 8.12 in the Policy and Procedures Manual provides information about campus support for students with disabilities. Pages 6–8 of the Student Policies and Procedures Manual lists information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA grievance policy and procedure. Policy 3.42 in the Policy and Procedures Manual contains information about service animals on campus. 

Office of Accessibility Services 

Accessibility Services works in partnership with the college community to facilitate equal access for students with disabilities to the educational programs, services, and activities of Parkland College in accordance with federal law.

Our Goals 

  • to help students determine, access, and use academic accommodations;
  • to equip students with the technical resources that help them reach their educational goals;
  • to foster an environment that encourages personal and academic growth and facilitates independence;
  • to help students understand their abilities and needs, as well as the resources available to them; and
  • to be an educational resource on accessibility for our students, faculty, staff, and community.

Accommodation Requests 

Our office provides a variety of accommodations, including alternate testing arrangements, classroom assistants, math accommodations, notetaking services, test readers, and alternate format for textbooks. Please click this link (link) for further information.

Grievance Procedure

Students with disabilities who experience a situation or a conflict in which they perceive that their rights have not been fully recognized or have been compromised in some manner may resolve the conflict by following the College’s process for the resolution of grievances as set forth in the Parkland College Student Policy and Procedures Manual

The sequence of contacts for grievance processing is: 

  1. Director, Accessibility Services
  2. Dean of Students
  3. Vice President for Student Services/Section 504/ADA Compliance Officer

Grievances may be resolved on an informal basis or on a formal basis. Every attempt will be made to resolve all grievances internally at the point of origin in a timely manner. Although students with disabilities are encouraged to attempt to resolve a grievance within the campus process, they have the right to file any grievance directly with the Office for Civil Rights, Chicago. Visit the Office for Civil Rights website for more information.


Club ACCESS creates awareness of issues and opportunities for students with varying abilities and provides networking and support for these students. The club is open to all students of various abilities and to all students who wish to be allies. Please email us for more information, at