New Student Orientation

Welcome to your first steps as a Parkland College Cobra! The following orientation videos will help guide you through completing enrollment and understanding your financial aid options, campus resources, support services, and student involvement opportunities, so you get the most out of your college experience.

For any questions that orientation may not cover, please email .


Next Steps for Enrollment

Sarah Hartman, Admissions Advisor

Learn more about your next steps for enrollment in this video. We’ll discuss course placement, registration, and use of our digital campus as well as strategies for your success while at Parkland College.


Financial Aid

Dawn Kamphaus, Financial Aid Advisor

In this video, you will learn more about financial aid options for admitted students, filing a FASFA, tuition residency status, ways to pay, and more.


Campus Resources

Tracy Kleparski, Director of Student Life

Explore parts of the college experience, including campus resources, safety, making connections, ways to get involved on campus, and other important information for the Parkland College student.


TRiO Support Services

Julia Hawthorne, Director

Parkland College is the proud recipient of a TRiO Student Support Services grant. This video will talk about the program, resources and support services provided, and how to become a TRiO student.