Parkland CSI experience

CSI experience summer camp

June 18 - 28, 2018

 Ages 14 to 16
Mondays – Thursdays, 9 am – 3 pm
Lunch and string bag included

- Registration deadline extended through Friday, June 8 -

Join our 8 day CSI Experience and become immersed in the field of crime scene investigation. Students will unravel the mystery as part of a Parkland CSI team that will conduct a fast-paced crime investigation. Use cutting edge technology and interact with forensic experts, law enforcement and media professionals to build a body of evidence, find the culprit and inform the public.

Students will learn to:

  • record a crime scene through photography, videography, and sketching
  • collect evidence using proper methods
  • interview witnesses and suspects
  • analyze blood, fingerprints, DNA, and trace evidence
  • report the crime through radio and television
  • present their findings



Contact us at 217/353-2055 or

  • there will be graphic content simulating a crime scene
  • students turning 14 by September, 2018 will be accepted