Dress Code


  1. Hunter green scrub pants or skirt, hunter green shirt/top, and hunter green or short white lab coat.
  2. Parkland patch must be displayed on the right sleeve of lab coat and top.
  3. Parkland name tag must be displayed on left upper side of uniform top.
  4. Clean, closed toe, quiet sole, white or black shoes (non-porous, athletic type is recommended) must be worn.
  5. Socks must be worn.
  6. A white or solid colored undershirt without visible logos or print may be worn for modesty. The undershirt should not be visible at the bottom edge of the scrub top.
  7. Non-hooded fleece jackets may be worn while in the department, but not in patient care areas.
  8. Tattoos must be covered at all times.
  1. Snug fitting wristwatch with a second hand or digital readout of seconds 
  2. Stethoscope
  3. Bandage scissors
  4. Parkland Clinical Journal - a spiral bound notebook
  5. Oakes’ “Clinical Practitioner’s Pocket Guide to Respiratory Care”