Dress Code


Classroom/skills lab. Respectful clothing will be worn in the classroom/skills lab setting to accommodate comfort during the practice and demonstration of skills. Visible undergarments, short skirts, low-cut pants or tops are not considered respectful.

Clinical Setting: The color of the uniform will be determined by the faculty (no jeans/leggings/sweat pants). Clean white shoes and socks are preferred. No open toed shoes allowed. Undergarments must not be visible. Hair longer than shoulder-length must be pulled away from the face and tied back. Beards and mustaches must be modest and trimmed.

Clinical attire NOT ALLOWED:
      • Sweat clothing
      • Underwear type T-shirts
      • Dangling earrings.
      • Rings other than plain bands
      • Colored nail polish
      • Artificial fingernails
      • Necklaces other than a narrow chain worn under the blouse or shirt
      • Bracelets
      • Heavy make-up or perfume
      • Facial piercings including tongue piercings (see clinical policy)
      • Visible body art – needs to be covered


If the instructor determines a student’s attire or appearance is inappropriate for the lecture/lab/clinical setting, the student will be instructed to leave and counted absent for that day.


Equipment needed for clinical

      • Wristwatch with a second hand
      • Black ballpoint pen
      • Prefer the student to have their own stethoscope.
      • Gait Belt-provided by Parkland College
      • Clinical ID badge-instructor will advise students on procedure to obtain ID