Build a portfolio in two years!

*Visual Communication Design was formerly known as the Graphic Design program.

Parkland's Visual Communication Design program consists of a solid foundation in design principles, art and design history, drawing, photography and typography. Our design studio courses cover design for print, design for web, motion design and interactive design. 

Through hands-on project-based learning, students practice solving real-world visual communication problems in the classroom. Our students graduate from Parkland College with a portfolio that is creative, professional, and demonstrates a high level of craftsmanship. Students also gain additional experience through our internship program. Parkland offers these options for students interested in studying visual communication design:

  • Associate of Fine Arts (Transferable)
  • Associate of Applied Science 
  • Print Production Certificate


Vanessa Burgett Parkland grad“Parkland's program launched my career in graphic design. Without Parkland and a little tenacity, I would not have achieved my goal of becoming the creative marketing professional that I am today."

—Vanessa Burgett, Creative Director, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

Transfer to the University of Illinois. Seamlessly.

If you are a high school senior from an Illinois high school or earned your GED in Illinois, you can participate in the Parkland Pathway to Illinois program. Completing the program earns you guaranteed admission as a junior to the BFA Graphic Design Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Parkland Pathway to Illinois allows qualified students pursuing a BFA in graphic design to take advantage of Parkland's lower tuition and seamlessly transfer all your freshman and sophomore classes to the University of Illinois. While preparing to transfer, you'll be able to integrate your experience as a full-time Parkland College student while utilizing resources and classes at Illinois.

For more information, visit Parkland Admissions or call 217/351-2482.

Earn your bachelor's degree in four years.

You can transfer to Illinois State University or other colleges by taking advantage of our 2+2 agreements. By taking the right classes at Parkland, you can enter ISU as a junior and earn your bachelor's degree in four years total. Please consult with the Visual Communication Design program director for advising when choosing your classes and preparing your transfer portfolio.  

A comprehensive curriculum

All of our studio courses are grounded in visual literacy, creative problem solving, and technology. Instructors make a concerted effort to introduce students to a wide variety of award-winning work by influential designers providing a context for development and growth. Students are introduced to the world of typography, motion, color, photography, illustration, interactivity, print production, web development, and creative copywriting. Students learn that inspiration comes from many sources and that the creative process is a methodology that works.