Course Descriptions

AGB 104 Introduction to Horticultural Science (4 credit hours)
(IAI AG 905) Horticultural crop biology, technology, and industry. Includes classification, plant structure, growth and development, environmental factors, mechanisms of propagation, plant improvement, harvesting, marketing, geography, and aesthetics of horticultural crops (fruits, vegetables, greenhouse, turf, nursery, floral, and landscape). F S

AGB 105 Agricultural Applications of the Computer (3 credit hours)
(IAI AG 913) Introduction to computer hardware, platform environments, file manipulation, printers and the use of word processing, electronic presentations and communications, graphics, spreadsheet, and database management software; solution of agriculture data-related problems and use of prepared software and templates. F S Su

AGB 155 Agricultural Salesmanship (3 credit hours)
Role, dynamics, and principles of sales communications as related to food and agriculture; methods for analyzing, setting objectives, planning, conducting, and evaluating sales communications efforts; sales presentations. F S

AGB 191 Agri-Business Work Exploration (2 credit hours)
Placement in agricultural business for 150 hours of work in career exploration, developing skill requirements, and occupational opportunities. Dual supervision by college staff and cooperating businesses. Prerequisite: completion of 15 semester hours of college credit within the program area in which placement is desired. F S Su

AGB 200 Introduction to Soil Science (4 credit hours).

(IAI AG 904) Fundamentals of soil formation, development, texture, structure, color, temperature, moisture, organisms, organic matter, chemical composition, clay minerals, classification, nutrient testing, fertilizer use, conservation, and management. Includes laboratory projects. F S

AGB 290 Agri-Business Seminar (1 credit hour)
Seminar designed to assist students dealing with the management and day-to-day decision making involved in the operation of an agricultural/agri-business firm. Prerequisite: approval of department chair. S

HRT 111 Sustainable Urban Horticulture (3 credit hours)
Overview of how to produce food crops and methods of overcoming the challenges facing the availability of fresh and nutritious food produce; sustainable food production and gardening as alternative to traditional rural farming and distribution for local foods. F

HRT 116 Introduction to Landscape Design (3 credit hours)
Methods and techniques of drafting and preparing basic landscape designs for residential and commercial settings; theory and practical experience in large- and small-scale design projects; overview of business aspects. F

HRT 118 Horticulture Equipment Operation (3 credit hours)
Introduction to basic operation and maintenance of horticulture-related equipment; safe operation of equipment and use of safety materials. F

HRT 119 Landscape Construction and Maintenance (3 credit hours)
Construction methods for residential and commercial landscapes; techniques and uses of materials related to construction of various landscape features; use of construction materials and maintenance; reading and interpreting landscape plans and drainage techniques. S

HRT 130 Floral Design I (3 credit hours)
Introduces the art of floral design based on design elements and principles; techniques and mechanics of constructing centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres, and theme designs are practiced in hands-on labs. Flower identification and care and handling are covered.

HRT 211 Pest Management and Pruning Principles (3 credit hours)
Identification, control, and management of insects, weeds and diseases of landscape plant material; including the pest, its life cycle, hosts, symptoms, diagnosis and controls; basic tree and shrub pruning for plant maintenance. Prerequisite: credit or concurrent enrollment in AGB 104. F

HRT 230 Floral Design II (3 credit hours)
Expands on concepts and skills learned in Floral Design I; how to take orders, conduct consultations, and order flowers wholesale. Designs focus on weddings and funerals and are practiced in hands-on labs. Prerequisite: HRT 130.

HRT 253 Herbaceous Plants (3 credit hours)
Identification, selection, use, and maintenance of herbaceous (perennial, biennial, annual, and bulbs) plants in the landscape; techniques in growth, and maintenance of herbaceous plants. Prerequisite: AGB 104 or approval of department chair. S

HRT 254 Woody Ornamentals (3 credit hours)
Identification of deciduous trees, shrubs, and evergreens used primarily in landscaping; techniques in growth, maintenance of trees and shrubs. Prerequisite: AGB 104 or approval of instructor or department chair. FA F

HRT 255 Landscape Graphic Design (3 credit hours)
Advanced landscape graphic design techniques; freehand sketching, preparing quick designs, perspective sketching, color drawing, and computer design; review design processes, principles, and design techniques and apply them to commercial and residential situations. Prerequisite: HRT 116 or approval of department chair. S

HRT 257 Horticultural Business Management (3 credit hours)
Provides current and future managers of landscaping businesses the opportunity to understand latest methods of combining resources to operate successful businesses. Emphasis on crew/team management and financial issues, including pricing materials, project bidding, and estimating. S

HRT 270 Greenhouse Crop Production (3 credit hours)
Production of various crops in the greenhouse environment, including flowers, herbs, and garden plants. Topics include propagation, cultural practices, and scheduling crop growth for target market periods. Hands-on experience in the greenhouse plus field trips. Prerequisite: credit or concurrent enrollment in AGB 104. S