Precision Technology Program

The Early College and Career Academy Precision Agriculture program is for high school students interested in the application of precision technologies for agriculture or UAV (drone) technology. Students will complete coursework to prepare for the FAA Commercial Drone Pilot exam, while learning about the implementation of GPS, GIS, and other technologies within the precision agriculture industry. 

Students can earn two certificates by taking 12 credit hours over four courses. These certificates prepare students for immediate employment or pursuing advanced two- or four-year degrees. Students will also have the opportunity for paid summer internships to gain industry experience following program completion. 

Precision Ag Fundamentals Certificate

AGB-214 Precision Farming Technology: Introduction to the most common tools used in precision farming: global positioning systems, geographic information systems, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), precision planters, variable rate technology, and yield monitoring. 

AGB-215 Application of GIS in Ag: Fundamental processes of geographic information systems (GIS) with application to agriculture. File formats, database management, spatial analysis, and manipulation of data. Georeferenced data from mapping and yield monitoring. 

*AGB-110 is an optional online introductory course available to juniors and seniors who would like to transition into the full Precision Ag program.

Basic Drone Certificate

AVI-111 Commercial Drone Ground School: This course prepares the student for FAA Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Pilot Certification. Topics covered include regulations, airspace, aerodynamics, weather, performance, registration, and aeromedical factors.

AVI-112 Introduction to Drone Flight: This course introduces the basic skills necessary to fly both fixed wing and quadcopter drones. Flight controls, payloads, checklist development and usage, mission planning, and emergency procedures are covered. Students learn basic flight maneuvers and use simulator software. 

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