application process

Early College and Career Academy (ECCA) – How to Apply for Students

  1. Ask your high school guidance counselor for the ECCA application materials.  If more information is needed, please call the EFE #330/ECCA office at 217/355-1382.
  2. Fill out the Parkland College Online Application:
    • Apply as a non-degree seeking student.
    • If you have already completed or are currently enrolled in a Parkland College course, you will not have to fill out the Parkland online application.  In this case, skip to step 3.
  3. Fill out the ECCA Application:
    Please note:  You will need to know your Social Security number and will need to obtain a parent/guardian signature.
  4. Return the completed ECCA application to your counselor.  Counselors will mail completed applications and supporting documentation to the EFE #330/ECCA office:
    Education for Employment System #330
    Parkland College
    Room A113, 2400 West Bradley Avenue, Champaign, IL  61821
  5. EFE #330/ECCA will contact your counselor to inform you of your enrollment status.  If needed, we will work with you and your counselor to obtain more information.
  6. Once you are admitted to the program, we will send more information, including the ECCA handbook and required sign-off sheets.

For some students, there will be additional steps once you have applied to the program.  For instance, students might need to complete placement assessments.  We will keep you and your counselor informed of these requirements once we receive your application.

Please call  if you have questions about any of this information.