early transfer academy


You are invited to a special event


You and your family are invited to learn about Parkland College’s Early Transfer Academy (ETA), a new opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit prior to high school graduation.

ETA Information Session

Monday, February 25, 2019 | 6:30 pm
Parkland College Student Union | Room U140


FIND OUT HOW THE ETA CAN HELP YOU: Earn college general education credit | Learn strategies for success in college | Decrease completion time for your associate’s or bachelor’s degree

Join Parkland College faculty and administration for an overview of the Early Transfer Academy, gather information about admissions, registration, and costs. If you are heading to college, the time is now to choose your ETA!




The Early Transfer Academy (ETA) is a specialized program for high school and home school juniors and seniors who are ready to begin fulfilling their college general education requirements while still in high school.

ETA participants can fulfill general education course requirements in social sciences, fine and applied arts, humanities, communication, physical and life sciences, and mathematics. One- and  two-year options are available, allowing students to reduce the time needed to earn an associate's or bachelor's degree after high school

EARN college credit while in high school:

  • Increase your chance at college success through First Year Experience and cohort components while getting help from highly supportive faculty.
  • Classes meet 8-9:15 a.m., Monday - Friday, and are designed to work with high school schedules
  • Preparation for college online courses through structured hybrid experiences
  • Flexibility in course selection in conjunction with established high school dual credit courses
  • Apply course credits to the completion of the Gen Ed Certificate or a Parkland College associate's degree. Credits can also transfer to public colleges and universities across Illinois. 

REDUCE time needed to earn a degree after high school:

  • Earn up to 18 credit hours in one year; or
  • earn 32-38 credit hours in two years

SAVE on college with affordable in-district tuition:

  • At just a fraction of the cost of a 4-year institution, Parkland's in-district tuition rates save you money toward your future degree.
  • Take advantage of the Parkland College payment plan to make tuition more manageable.

Cost Comparison

College cost estimates are listed below, based on the 2017–2018 tuition and fee rates for each institution as retrieved 10/2017. Textbook and supply costs are included and will vary. Rates are based on 18 hours of credit.

University of Illinois 4,612 4,612 $ 9,224
Illinois State University 4,317 4,317 $ 8,634
Eastern Illinois University 2,930 2,930 $ 5,860
Parkland College 1,652 1,965 $3,617


How to Apply

Step 1: Submit a Non-Degree-Seeking Admissions Application

Step 2: Download and complete the Early College Enrollment Form

  • High School Student Enrollment Form
  • Home School Student Enrollment Form

Step 3: Submit the completed enrollment form with a copy of your official ACT/SAT/AP/IB scores, if available

Documents can be submitted: 

In person - please bring documents to Early College Services, room U 233, in the Parkland College Student Union

By mail - please mail documents to: 

Parkland College

Early College Services, U 233

2400 W Bradley Ave

Champaign IL 61821

By email - please email enrollment form and scores to earlycollege@parkland.edu

By fax - please fax enrollment form and scores to 217/373-3865

Step 4: Complete placement testing, as necessary

Early College Services will determine if placement testing is needed prior to course enrollment.

Eligibility Requirements

To enroll in ETA courses, students will need to:

  • be a junior, senior, or home-schooled student; minimum age is 15 years old (sophomores are welcome to apply for enrollment during junior year)
  • place in college-level English, based on high school test scores or Parkland assessments
  • be highly motivated

Course Information

All three courses meet Monday-Friday from 8-9:15 am on the Parkland College campus. 

Each semester, one of the courses will be a hybrid*, meaning that the course will be both on campus and online. Students can learn how to navigate and manage an online course while receiving the support and guidance from their college instructor.

Fall 2018 ETA Courses

Monday          Tuesday          Wednesday          Thursday          Friday

FYE 101                        ANT 103                       FYE 101                                 ANT 103                   HUM 102*

FYE 101: Strategies for College Success – 3 credit hours

Designed to help students succeed in college and beyond. Includes self-assessment, goal-setting, education and career planning, time management, interpersonal communication, and personal development.

ANT 103: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology – 3 credit hours

Study of structure and process of culture. Presents major features of culture including subsistence patterns, organizing devices, language, patterns of cultural transmission, political organization, religion, family forms, and cultural change. Examines methods of anthropological research and major theoretical orientations.

HUM 102: Western Culture: Renaissance to Present – 3 credit hours

Exploration of Western culture as expressed in art, literature, history, philosophy, and music from Renaissance through contemporary period.

Spring 2019 ETA Courses

Monday          Tuesday          Wednesday          Thursday          Friday

COM 103                       THE 100                       COM 103                             THE 100                    ECO 102*

COM 103: Introduction to Public Speaking – 3 credit hours

Practice and study in public speaking involving informative, persuasive, and problem solution situations and issues. Emphasis on speaker’s critical thinking in relation to audience, topic, occasion, and self.

THE 100: Theatre Appreciation – 3 credit hours

Enhances appreciation of theatre as an art form through reading and analysis of scripts, theatre viewing, and discussion. Areas of investigation include types of plays; methods of production, design, and use of theatre; and the contributions of collaborative artists.

ECO 102: Principles of Microeconomics – 3 credit hours

Introduction to basic economic concepts including market analysis, followed by an emphasis on microeconomic topics such as elasticity, consumer choice, production and cost, industry structure, and associated problems of American economy.

For more information, see your high school counselor or contact the Early College Services Office, 217/353-2663.