The College has an affirmative duty to take immediate and appropriate action once it knows of any act of sex-based misconduct in any of its educational or employment programs or activities.Sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking by any member of the Parkland community will not be tolerated. The College will promptly and thoroughly investigate any complaints of sex-based misconduct in accordance with the procedures.

Sex-Based Misconduct Policy

You do not need to determine whether or not a policy has been violated. If you think you have survived a violation of this policy, trained staff and resources can assist you.

Policy Jurisdiction

  • Who: Students, employees, and third parties connected with Parkland College
  • What: Violations of the Parkland College Sexual Discrimination, Harassment & Misconduct Policy
  • Where: Violations that occur on college premises, at college-sponsored activities, and at off-campus locations (in specific circumstances outlined fully in policy)

Examples of conduct that constitutes violations of this policy:

  • A student who coerces his/her girlfriend who is also a student into having sex;
  • A faculty member who gives a passing grade to a student in return for sexual favors;
  • A staff member who assaults his/her partner who is also a staff member.

It is important to keep in mind that a violation of this policy is not your fault. Many resources exist, on and off campus, to assist you with recovery and any reports you wish to make including:

Formal Reporting Options

Formal reporting is available if you wish for Parkland College to be officially informed of this incident and would like to authorize a report to be sent to the Title IX Coordinator which alerts Parkland College to officially respond to the incident. You can fill out the form below or report in person to the Title IX Coordinator, Deputy Coordinators, or any Responsible Employees. Any conversation with a Responsible Employee or Administrator about a Title IX incident will initiate the formal reporting process.

Title IX Coordinator
Michael Trame, Vice President for Student Services
Parkland College, Room U334, 2400 W. Bradley Ave., Champaign, IL 61821
Telephone: 217/351-2551

Deputy Title IX Coordinator:
Kathleen McAndrew, Director of Human Resources
Parkland College, Room A116, 2400 W. Bradley Avenue, Champaign, IL 61821
Telephone: 217/353-2024

Deputy Title IX Coordinator:
Marietta Turner, Dean of Students
Parkland College, Room U243, 2400 W. Bradley Avenue, Champaign, IL 61821
Telephone: 217/351-2505

Responsible Employees: All Faculty and some Staff can offer support and resources

Confidential Reporting Options

Confidential reporting is available if you do not wish Parkland College to be officially informed of this incident. This means you only want to talk with a confidential advisor about the information submitted. You can fill out the form below, call the Parkland Counseling Services at 217/351-2219, or come to room U267 during business hours. Please ask to speak to one of the confidential advisors or mental health counselors upon your arrival. These confidential advisors and counselors will not report the information discussed to anyone else at Parkland College.