Services Offered

What services are available to program participants?

The TRiO program provides a warm and welcoming environment where students can relax, study, and receive tutoring and other support services.  Services are free of charge to all TRiO program participants. These services include:

  • Academic Coaching

The TRiO program has 2-4 Academic Coaches (AC) each semester.  The AC’s provided tutoring in specific courses such as Math, Biology, and Chemistry.  The AC’s also provide assistance with course organization, course specific academic success skills, and general computer assistance.

  • Academic and Financial Aid Counseling

TRiO staff provides academic advising to each program participant.  Program staff also assist families with completing the FAFSA to ensure that students receive all state and federal aid they are eligible to receive.  Information is given to each student so that they have a better understanding of their financial aid package in hope to reduce potential loan burdens.

  • Financial and Economic Literacy

TRiO staff provides information regarding general financial and economic literacy.   These topics include understanding debts (credit cards and student /personal loans), cost of attendance, general budgeting, cost planning (spending versus saving) and financial goal setting.

  • Graduation and Transfer Counseling

The primary objective of the TRiO program is to assist students with graduating within four years of  joining the TRiO program and then assisting students with that next step, whether it is joining the workforce or transfer to pursue their bachelor’s degree.  With that in mind, each time the student meets with a TRiO advisor, they will review a graduation plan.  This plan is designed to be an educational map for students, help student set short and long term goals, and is geared towards assisting with transferring or entering the workforce.

  • Academic and Personal Development Workshops 

TRiO offers a wide variety of workshops to address student needs.  Such workshops have included test taking skills, time management skills, money management skills, understanding your financial aid, an etiquette dinner, stress management, and textbook reading skills.  Each workshop is 50 minutes long and several are held each week.  Students also have the option to schedule an individual meeting with staff to go over workshop topic s.

  • College Visits

Several times a year, program staff will plan trips to visit other college and universities in the state of Illinois.  This allows students to step on the campus of colleges they are considering to transfer to, meet with the admissions and financial aid staff, and meet with professional staff in their area of study.   

  • Cultural and Social Activities

Each month, the staff likes to offer events where program participants can get together and not focus on classes or their studies.  This also provides participants the opportunity to meet other program participants and forge new friendships. 

  • Dedicated Computer Lab and Study Space

U253 is an space set aside just for TRiO participants.  It houses the programs Academic Coaches, 10 desktop computers, free printing for course materials (colored printing is available on a limited basis), iPad for additional course support, and study space. 

Want to become a member of TRiO?  Click HERE for the application.