English Placement For New or Returning Student

Standardized test scores, ACT and the NEW SAT, can be used for placement into reading, English, and math as long as they have been submitted to the Admissions Office.

If you scored a 20 or higher on the ACT English Section, 480 on the NEW SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing , or 570 on the OLD SAT Writing test and your score is less than 3 years old, you do not need to take the English Placement test. 

ACT Score Range (English)

New SAT Score Range (EBRW)*

OLD SAT Score Range (Writing)

Parkland College  Course Placement








ENG 101

25-36 w/

25-36 Reading



ENG 106

 *Evidence Based Reading and Writing

If you need to take the assessment:

The Parkland English assessment is an un-timed test that consists of the Accuplacer Reading Comprehension test and Accuplacer Sentence Skills test. Each test consists of 25 questions and the test results are combined to determine English placement.



Accuplacer-NextGen(Nov 2018)

Sentence Skills Score

Parkland College

Course Placement



ENG 106



ENG 101



ENG 099*



ENG 099



ENG 098


ENG 099* Placement is eligible for 60 min Writing Sample to determine possible placement into ENG 101;

Writing Sample (essay):

Certain results may qualify an assessor to complete an ENG 101 Writing Sample. Successful completion of the writing sample will allow a student to enroll in ENG 101 instead of ENG 099.

The writing sample is a 60 minute, pencil and paper essay. When writing the essay, one of two given topics will be chosen to write about. These topics are general information/personal opinion topics that do not require specific content information or prior knowledge. The evaluators are more interested in how you state your ideas rather than what those ideas are.

Composition faculty will evaluate your essay to determine if you have the skills necessary for a college-level composition course. They look at the essay's organization and development of ideas as well as how clearly you express your thoughts and how well you use grammar and punctuation. Because the time to write your essay is limited, they suggest that you make your main point clear in the first paragraph and then use subsequent paragraphs to provide supporting details and discussion.

A score of a 4 on the essay allows you to sign up for ENG 101.

Accuplacer Sample Test Questions (English)
CENGAGE Learning Practice Tests
English Success Practice Tests

Retesting Policy:

You must wait 48 hours between placement assessments. You can retest once in a 3 year period. There will be an $10 fee for each reassessment.

Scores used for placement will expire in 3 years.