Parkland Entrepreneurial Network (PEN)

The spirit of entrepreneurship

The Parkland Entrepreneurial Network (PEN) fosters the spirit of entrepreneurship in the District 505 community by bringing entrepreneurial programming and opportunities to the students of Parkland College. Recognizing the unlimited potential of Parkland students as future business leaders and the college's role as an economic driver, PEN programs provide a platform and supportive environment to spark ideas, take risks, and accelerate success. PEN programs and scholarships are is supported through generous donors to the Parkland Foundation. 


PEN is an umbrella network comprised of three co-curricular activities that extend student learning beyond the classroom and provide real-world experiences to students in a supportive environment. 

What is PEN? 

  • Organizes workshops and capstone projects designed to develop business, technical, and interpersonal skills. 
  • Connects students to mentors who can become powerful personal and professional allies. 
  • Provides networking opportunities and fosters business relationships between students and members of the community. 
  • Supports entrepreneurial efforts through scholarships. 
  • Partners with student entrepreneurial ventures, giving students the chance to test and advance ideas in a safe and supportive environment.