Help Your Career Take Off With Drone Pilot Training

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)/drone operation is a cutting-edge and highly marketable skill, with a variety of employers seeking pilots with this credential. The use of drones is rapidly increasing in industries including agriculture, real estate, firefighting and police work, construction and surveying, photography, environmental projects, insurance claims, military, and many other fields.Apply these skills to your current or future career and soar above the competition!

Sign up today to become certified as a UAS operator under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements.

Courses available include:

AVI 111: Commercial UAS Ground School
To legally fly a drone commercially, operators must pass a FAA written exam in order to receive a license. Prepare for the exam by learning about topics including FAA regulations, airspace, weather, and performance.

AVI 112: Introduction to UAS Flight
Gain hands-on experience on how to safely operate a drone and basic flight skills.

AVI: 113 Drone Data Collection and Application (available Spring 2020)
Learn how to capture data using your drone and apply the results to your career field.

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