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Want to jump start your career in racing technology? The Motorsport Technology program teaches students to maintain, diagnose, and repair vehicles used for competitive motorsport competition. Parkland is proud to be the only community college in Illinois to offer a Motorsport Technology program. Career-driven students who earn the Associate in Applied Science in Automotive Technology from Parkland are eligible to transfer to SIUC’s automotive program under a 2+2 agreement. The technical skills offered by the program are based on the accreditation standards set by the National Automotive Technician Education Foundation or NATEF. NATEF accreditation ensures you will practice the skills needed to become an ASE Master Certified Technician. Adding motorsport vehicles to lab activities demonstrates what is needed to service vehicles used for competition. The Motorsport Program prepares graduates to qualify for entry-level motorsport industry assembly, fabrication, and team member positions. Built on a strong foundation of traditional automotive course work, the program offers innovative motorsport courses and hands-on opportunities.

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Full-time students should expect to enroll in 16-17 credit hours per semester with tuition totaling approximately $3,000 per semester. Out-of-district students whose home community college does not offer a motorsport program may attend Parkland at in-district tuition by simply completing the Career Agreement process. Freshmen should budget about $400 for textbooks and required supplies.

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Hundreds of career opportunities are available in the Motorsport Industry. These careers benefit from a solid foundation of technical skills like those taught in the Motorsport program at Parkland. Motorsport students will be provided many opportunities to explore career options through field trips visiting Motorsport businesses, such as Hall Brothers Racing and Don Schumacher Racing. Students will also be provided the opportunity to attend industry-specific trade shows like the Performance Racing Industry Show and the SEMA show.

Soft skills needed for employment are covered throughout the two-year degree program. Students will construct resumes, research ideal job opportunities, participate in mock interviews, and discover the top work ethic traits desired by hiring managers. 

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Research shows a strong connection between student engagement and academic success. The Parkland Motorsport program has student engagement built-in by providing opportunities to learn outside the classroom at a variety of racing events each semester. Weekly gatherings with guest speakers or Forza video game tournaments are only the beginning. Motorsport students can go even further by being a part of the crew taking care of the vehicles at the track and then earn the opportunity to drive. Earning the ability to drive includes demonstrated professionalism, respect for crew and equipment, vehicle operation, safety compliance, and excellent academic achievement.