Engineering Course Descriptions

ENS 101 Introduction to Engineering and CAD (3 credit hours)
(IAI EGR 941) An introduction to engineering design and graphics, including design problems, sketching, dimensioning, tolerancing, multi-view orthographic representations, auxiliary views, section views, and working drawings. Prerequisite: credit or concurrent enrollment in MAT 128. S

ENS 201 Engineering Mechanics I (Statics) (3 credit hours)
(IAI EGR 942) Topics include particle statics, general principles and force vectors, rigid body equilibrium, moments of inertia, distributed forces and centroids, analysis of structures, virtual work, and friction. Prerequisite: PHY 141. F Su

ENS 202 Engineering Mechanics of Solids (3 credit hours)
(IAI EGR 945) Topics: stress, strain, torsion, deformations, thermal stresses, thin-walled vessels, bending stresses and strains, transverse loading of beams, shear stress and combined loadings, Mohr's cricle, beam design, shaft design, shear moment diagrams, beam deflection, energy methods and columns. Prerequisite: ENS 201. S

ENS 203 Engineering Mechanics II (Dynamics) (3 credit hours)
(IAI EGR 943) Topics include particle kinematics (rectilinear and curvilinear); Newton's laws; energy, work, and momentum methods; planar dynamics and rigid bodies; rigid body kinematics; impulse and momentum; and vibrations. Prerequisites: ENS 201 and credit or concurrent enrollment in MAT 229. S