Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Youth programs at Parkland College prepare learners ages 16-24 for jobs and college.  In addition to free high school equivalency prep, students complete a career portfolio, tour the Parkland College campus, and gain valuable life skills. Eligible students have the opportunity toshadow college classes, jobs that interest them, and participate in WIOA programs and work-based learning that pay them to attend class.


Job Skills & Career Planning

Morning classes

Evening classes


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Student quote ESLTP helped me think about long term and short term goals and make decisions that are good for my future the staff are all very helpful and really care I would recommend early school leaver to other young peopleQuote from student ESLTP gave me hands on experience in a job field i was interested in this provided me a solid foundation with new skills that i use in my every day work palce the teachers cared about my success it was encouraging to have people believe in me

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