Leadership Certificate Series

Our Leadership Series consists of 14 unique courses offered January to December. These courses augment and develop the skills of extraordinary leadership. To qualify for the certificate, participants must complete a minimum of 44 hours consisting of 5 required courses AND 6 of 9 elective courses.

In this series, leaders will learn to:

Communicate effectively based on the needs of the recipient

  • Recognize and model the traits of genuine leadership
  • Coach others to build confidence and motivation
  • Gain control over email and increase their ­overall written communication efficiency
  • Provide constructive feedback to promote problem solving and learning
  • Motivate, delegate, and resolve conflict utilizing DiSC insights
  • Identify and develop the critical characteristics of extraordinary leadership
  • Improve productivity and increase efficiency            `       
  • Develop the planning, interpersonal, and follow-up skills of a skilled delegator
  • Address strong emotions of themselves and others in the workplace
  • Give recognition that enforces positive behaviors and encourages people to repeat the behaviors that lead to positive results
  • Lead change successfully at any level
  • Facilitate meetings that are quick, efficient, and productive!

Leadership Mastery Series

If you have completed the four required Leadership Series classes, you can now take your skills to the next level with courses designed just for you.

  1. Work of Leaders
  2. Shaping a Motivational Workplace
  3. Interviewing and Selecting High Performers
  4. Realizing Talent in Others
  5. Negotiating Resources for Your Team

Contact Brooke Ohlsson or Dave Webb for more information.

Call: 217/351-2235
Email: btce@parkland.edu