Traffic Safety Program


While the majority of our team is working remotely, we can be reached by email and by phone 217/353-2104 throughout the workday, and our office is open to the public Monday-Friday, 10 AM-2 PM, except College Holidays.

Keeping you Safe!

Parkland College is committed to providing a safe learning environment while following local guidelines.

Your safe campus includes the following for individuals and campus staff:

  • Completing a self-assessment prior to each visit to campus
  • Wearing a face covering in any college building, including offices, classrooms, and labs
  • Maintaining a social distance of six feet
  • Washing and sanitizing hands frequently
  • Cleaning and sanitizing classrooms and high-touch areas
  • Providing self-assessment information to those registered via email   

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What is the Traffic Safety Program?

The Traffic Safety Program, enacted by the Illinois Supreme Court and guided by the conference of Chief Judges, has been adopted by the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court. This program is intended to improve your driving skills, decrease the possibility of future traffic law violations, and reduce the chance you or someone else may be killed or injured in a traffic accident.



What is the Benefit of Choosing the Traffic Safety Program?

The program allows eligible drivers to receive court supervision for minor traffic offenses. If you successfully complete the Traffic Safety Program, your traffic offense will not be entered as a conviction on your driving record. Instead, it will be reported to the Secretary of State as "Court Supervision," which does not negatively impact your driving record. 

Defensive Driving Courses

The Traffic Safety Program offers Defensive Driving courses for either:

  1. Drivers of all ages who have received a single ticket violation
  2. Drivers ages 16–21 who have had a license suspended by the Secretary of State