Message from the President, 6/2/2020

Message from the President, 6/2/2020

Reflection on current events


Please see Dr. Ramage's message to the Parkland College community regarding recent events.




We find ourselves at a distinct turning point in history. While we have been navigating unprecedented circumstances in the preceding months due to a public health crisis, we are also experiencing a crisis of perhaps greater magnitude that is resulting in deep pain for many in our community. This crisis is one of deeply engrained racial injustice. While it has been sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis it points to a longstanding history of inequity that has impacted our communities of color for generations.


As we reflect upon the protests and uprising across the country and in our community, we want to re-affirm the commitment of Parkland College to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all. As an open access institution, our very mission aims to create opportunities for all who wish to pursue them and remove barriers to higher education that have contributed to these longstanding inequities.


Parkland’s strategic plan lays out a vision for our students to become critical thinkers who can provide not only skills, but leadership in our diverse society. Our classrooms, whether physical or virtual, are spaces where the free exchange of ideas fosters deeper understanding and creativity.


We are hopeful that later this summer or fall that we will not only return to campus but can do so with a renewed appreciation and commitment to one another.


Dr. Ramage

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