Closing the Gap: Computers in Business Certificate

Closing the Gap: Computers in Business Certificate

Even professionals can use a leg up on mastering basic computer skills

Amazingly, using mobile devices appears to be limiting people’s ability to operate a standard computer! Add to that a growing gap in access to the Internet and digital devices, and you to have a ‘critical national issue,’ on your hands, according to the Sesame Workshop.

Know someone who might want to work in a professional environment but needs a leg up on learning basic computer skills?

Tell them about a new certificate at Parkland College coming this fall, called the Introduction to Computers in Business. They can come in and take the courses at the school’s Computer Technology Center at their own pace, or even learn some of the coursework from their mobile phones.

Students wishing to take Introduction to Computers in Business courses may apply to Parkland College at or call Cyndia Hinton, program manager, Business/Computer Science and Technologies at 217/351-2414 or for more information.

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