Door Access and door checker system faq

Last updated: 12/17/21

What is the door checker system?

Governor Pritzker's Executive Order (EO) charges colleges to limit access into college facilities to students, faculty, staff, and other "educational personnel" who are either fully vaccinated or have a negative COVID test within the last seven days. To comply with this EO, Parkland College will restrict entry to its facilities to a limited number of entrances. At each of these entrances, door checkers will ensure that students, employees, and related educational personnel entering the buildings are either vaccinated or have the appropriate COVID testing status.

What doors will be open for use and when?

The following doors will be the restricted access points for the campus:

  • U1
  • U3 (Student Union Patio)
  • X2
  • D2
  • C1
  • M1
  • L4
  • P3 (Southwest door across from M-wing)
  • T1
  • W Main
  • H1
  • E1 - Entrance for COVID testing only
  • J1
  • Y1
  • Aviation (Restricted access plan for Aviation will be communicated to appropriate employees and students)
  • G1 (Restricted access plan for the Child Development Center will be communicated to families and employees)

Doors will likely have more limited open hours than in the past. Each door will be on its own schedule and will be locked once all educational activity scheduled for the building has completed. Door access schedules can be viewed here. Maps indicating the location of each of these doors are available on the Maps page

Please visit our Campus Hours page for more information on testing hours and door access changes during the holiday season.

Can I use the other doors around campus?

Only the doors listed above may be used as entrances to the facilities. The other doors around campus will be locked and must only be used as exits, not entrances. This applies to faculty and staff that may currently have exterior door key access as well. 

On a few limited and pre-arranged occasions, alternate doors will be used for visitors and events. These will be arranged by the Vice President's office. 

When will this door checker system be implemented?

Restricted access to campus facilities using only the above-mentioned doors began on Monday, September 20th. Please visit our Campus Hours page for information on testing hours and door access changes during the holiday season.

How will I enter the building?

Students and staff seeking entry will show the proper building access on their Safer Community app to the door checker for permission to enter. 

The Safer Community app uses a yellow square around the QR code to indicate that entry requirements have been met, either through vaccination or a negative test within the past seven days. The means by which the app user acquires the yellow square is not indicated on the app or known to the door checker.

How long will it take to get through the door checker entrances?

Expect initial delays when the campus community is acclimating to the new entry requirements or at the top of the hour when classes are about to begin. You should plan arrival times accordingly.

What if I don't have the proper access code on my Safer Community app for whatever reason?

Employees and students without the proper access codes will be denied access at their desired door and they will be re-directed to the Covid Help Desk for instructions on how to meet access requirements or answers to questions. The COVID Help Desk is located in room B124, please use the exterior entrance near the X2 door. Visit the COVID Help Desk webpage for more information.

What are my options if I have classes on-campus and refuse to share vaccination status or test as required?

You will not be able to attend an on-campus or hybrid class if you are not vaccinated or are not willing to test as needed. 

Email no later than 5 pm on Friday, January 14, 2022 to receive more information on options which may allow you to continue your coursework or may provide eligibility for withdrawal or for a drop without record and refund. Not all students will be eligible for a refund and a drop without record. An approved drop with no record, or withdrawal, while receiving any financial aid, including CARES funds, may result in a reduction, or cancellation, of financial aid awards.