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Enjoy reviewing (or watching for the first time) Dr. Marie Cini's address to all Parkland faculty and staff from August 15th during Professional Development Week. Dr. Cini is the president of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning and shared her time with us in mid-August, with a focus on serving diverse student needs as we head into a very different future in higher education.

Marie Cini - New Approaches to Student Success: Rapid Prototyping Using Student Data


Working on those PowerPoints for your students? Vanderbilt University's phenomenal Center for Teaching provides a wealth of helpful professional development resources. And all of their materials (or almost all) are under a Creative Commons with attribution license. So throughout the semester, I'll be utilizing Vandy's materials for us at Parkland College. Here's the first one: check out their page (with readings, activities, and video) on designing better PowerPoints.

Vanderbilt University - Desiging Better PowerPoints

The K. Patricia Cross Academy

Jennifer Gonzalez's Aerodynamics of Exceptional Schools

Teaching in Higher Education podcast

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EDU 911: Instructional Technology Skills Development, taught by Lori Wendt, starting September 16th and running through October 11th. This sleek 4-week course will help faculty work through some of the basic sassy things Cobra can do but will also help teachers better utilize the course management tools that support good teaching and learning. This course is part of our Online Teaching Certificate, but you can take it as a stand-alone course. For those seeking the Online Teaching Certificate, we'll be offering EDU 914, October 21-November 15th. Stay tuned to register for that!

To register for EDU 911, email ASAP to reserve your spot! While EDU 911 is offered completely online, the course fills up so get your name in ASAP, which means now, but if you really need a deadline beyond 'now,' register by Thursday, September 12th at 12:16 PM.


Lori Wendt is our Learning Management System Specialist (aka--Cobra genius) and has served Parkland for over nineteen years. She knows Cobra up, down, left, and right. This course is perfect for anyone needing to know more about our LMS (Brightspace, but we call it Cobra) and what it can do for online learners as well as all learners in classrooms, shops, labs, and doing fieldwork.

Discover Something New - Check out our new "Open" eLearn courses you can self-enroll in.

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