Professional Development Day

Thursday Feb 27th

Thursday, February 27th is Professional Development Day at Parkland College. Several all-college events are on the calendar, as well as department-specific events. What follows is a mostly up-to-date list of all of the productive and inspirational professional development opportunities happening at the college:

Open Events (anyone can participate/register)

All-College Breakfast and Student Success Conversation

8:00-8:30 breakfast; 8:30-10:00 is the converation.

Location: Student Union cafeteria area

Contact: Amy Penne for more information

Discussion of Privilege in the Workplace and Learning Environments


Student Life

Contact: Kaitlyn Uden for more information and to register

Preventing Stress and Coping with Employee Burnout



Contact: Melanie Lewis for more information and to register

An off-campus visit to the Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center at the University of Illinois


University of Illinois

Contact: Tracey Hickox for more information

Department/Unit-Specific Events (but if you're curious, contacts are provided)

Natural Sciences - All-day departmental professional development at Crystal Lake Park

All Day

Crystal Lake Park

Contact: Scott Siechen

Career and Technical Education - a presentation about grants and how they affect students



Contact: Bobbi Scholze

Humanities - to discuss innovative models of student support and continue conversations started at the all-college event


Jupiter's at the Crossing

Contact: Matthew Hurt

Fine and Applied Arts - to discuss departmental goals



Contact: Julie Weishar

Marketing - training and luncheon


Marketing's suite

Contact: Ruthie Counter

Library - dashing to Urbana Free Library archives and maker spaces and a trip to the Idea Store for ideas for materials, book displays, and other cool stuff that only libraries can do


Urbana Free Library archives & Idea Store

Contact: Morgann Quilty

Social Sciences and Human Resources - Department Meeting



Contact: Joe Walwick

Mathematics - Department/Program Meetings

Times Vary

Contact: Brian Mercer

Health Professions - Specific Program Meetings

Times Vary

Contact: Kim Pankau

Not sure what your area of the college is doing? Be sure to contact your department chair and/or supervisor! Sounds like Student Life and Wellness, Financial Aid, Counseling and Advising, and others are taking part in some other wonderful team-building activities.