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Why UI students choose Parkland!

Ethan Stone
UI sophomore, Civil Engineering
Parkland student
“You get the same quality education in smaller classes, with more aff ordability.” Greatly impressed with a Calculus III course he took at Parkland in the summer, Ethan decided to take even more courses for fall “I just opened the course catalog and took a lot of courses that looked interesting to me—and every single course I’m taking transfers into my degree at the UI ” What are those “interesting” courses he’s taking? “Linear algebra, macroeconomics, philosophy, and professional writing—so far, I enjoy them and find the personal attention I get in each class unique to Parkland ”

Marieta Bangeova
UI sophomore,
Parkland College concurrent enrollee Illinois sophomore Marieta Bangeova, who’s minoring in business, decided to free up some time in her schedule this fall by taking an online business calculus course from Parkland College. She’s glad she did. “The Parkland set-up is unique; I really like the convenience of the campus buildings because you can easily find everything you need in one area,” Marieta said. “And you get tremendous help from the college staff. My Math 143 instructor Ben Smith posts very detailed instructions online and takes time to individually help students 

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