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How much does it cost to attend Parkland?
Tuition costs at Parkland are based on a student's residency status. Go to our College Costs page for help in estimating your costs.

My student has been identified as "out-of-district", but lives in Champaign. Why is s/he not a resident?
Residency is based on a number of factors. Please refer to our Residency Information for guidance. If you have further questions after reviewing this information, you may call Admissions at 217/351-2482 to discuss your particular circumstances.

Where will my student live at Parkland?
Parkland College does not provide student housing. However, there are housing options available. Click for Housing Search
Note: Parkland College is not affiliated with any residence halls or apartments and does not promote any particular housing option, and payment arrangements for housing are handled solely by students and/or their families.

I would like my student to receive financial aid to pay for all or part of his classes at Parkland. What should I do?
Our Financial Aid page at will have answers to many of your questions concerning the financial aid filing process. Note: Financial Aid also includes loans, so if your student would like to have a Direct Loan, the FAFSA forms must still be completed.

Must the entire tuition be paid at one time?
No, a payment plan is also available for tuition to Parkland; see our Payment Options to learn the various payment options available. Pay particular attention to the dates, since down payment amounts will vary depending on when you start a plan.

What does FERPA mean?
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects students' rights. Under the law, the college is not allowed to release any financial aid or schedule information to anyone other than students. We can only release information to students in person. We can only give information to the student, or someone the student authorizes, in person and not over the telephone or by e-mail. The student or his authorized representative must have a picture I.D. with them before we can give out any information.
Please keep in mind that due to FERPA regulations, we cannot share a student's schedule, tuition, or financial aid information on the telephone. Your student has access to all this information online, so please ask your student to share this information so that you can stay informed.

My student has a learning disability. How can s/he be successful at college?
Parkland College's Office of Disability Services has a wide range of services available for those with documented disabilities.
In addition to services provided by the Office of Disability Services, all students are encouraged to use the services of our Center for Academic Success for tutoring and learning assistance.

My student is undecided on what to study in college. Can the college help?
Yes! The Career Center at Parkland College offers several services to help a student choose and explore career options. Please visit the Career Center in Room U238 or call them at 217/351-2536.

My insurance company is asking for a verification of prior semester grades for a new student discount. How do I get that document? 
Please note: Most insurance companies require at least half-time enrollment to qualify for a good-student discount.
After grades have been posted for the semester, have your student submit the insurance company form along with our Enrollment Verification form to the Admissions office in U214 in person, by mail (2400 West Bradley Ave., Champaign IL 61821), or fax (217/353-2640). We will complete and mail the form to the address indicated on the insurance form. Allow 7-10 days' processing time. Please call us at 217/351-2482 if you have questions.

My insurance company is asking for enrollment verification. How do I get that document?
Please note: This information is not available until 30 days after classes start.

Have your student go to the online Enrollment Verification National Student Clearinghouse and follow the instructions.

If enrollment verification is required on Parkland College letterhead, submit an Enrollment Verification Request form to the Admissions office in U214 in person, by mail (2400 West Bradley Ave., Champaign IL 61821), or by fax (217/353-2640). We will complete the form for the student to pickup (student ID will be required) or we will mail the form to the address indicated on the Enrollment Verification Request form. Allow 7-10 days' processing time.

If anyone other than the student is picking up this or any Admissions document, they must provide a signed letter from the student giving consent to release the documents. Please call us at 217/351-2482 if you have question

Is there a parking fee at Parkland?
No, all parking at Parkland is free, and we don’t require any registration or stickers.

Can my student get a job on campus?
There are a number of campus jobs at Parkland, and your student can apply for those at the Career Center. Visit the Career Center for more information.

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CAS's Larry Taylor
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