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Drop and Withdrawal Procedures

At Parkland College, the terms drop and withdrawal refer to different processes.  Dropping a course means the removal of a class from the student's schedule and transcript.  A drop from a course generates a full refund of tuition and fees.  Withdrawal from a course means a drop with record. The course remains on the transcript. There is no refund for withdrawals.

Students may drop a full-semester course during the first 7 days of each semester without the drop becoming part of their permanent academic record. Students withdrawing after the seventh day of classes each term will have a grade of W recorded on their permanent academic record.  All withdrawals must be filed no later than one week prior to the last day of instruction of any regular length semester or, for a class less than a full semester in length, any time before the last week during which the class meets. The specific dates for withdrawal are posted on my.parkland and published in the catalog and class schedules.

Dropping or withdrawing from a class may be initiated by either the student or the college as follows:

Student Initiative:
A student enrolling in a course automatically assumes certain responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is to properly withdraw from a course if the student decides not to complete the course. A student, having enrolled in and attended a course, remains enrolled in the course until the student initiates a withdrawal or the student is withdrawn under provisions stated below.
To Drop a Class
  • Log in to my.parkland
    From the Registration menu, click/choose the Register and Drop Sections menu option and follow the screen prompts.
  • If you need help, call the technical support desk at 217/353-3333. Watch the "Check Out WebAdvisor" video for tips and resources information.
To Withdraw from a Class
To withdraw from a class a student must:
  1. Obtain a Notification of Intent to Withdraw from Classes or obtain the form in person at Admissions and Records in U214. 
  2. Contact your instructor, department chair or program director to request their signature on the form. If you are unable to meet with your instructor in person, you may contact them via email to obtain the signature.  If you have received the signature via email, attach the email to the form and send it to admissions@parkland.edu.
    • If you are a degree-seeking student withdrawing from all courses, you should have an exit interview with a financial aid advisor. Call 217/351-2222 or stop by Financial Aid in U286.
    • If you are an international student withdrawing from any course, you should meet with an international advisor. Call 217/351-2890 or stop by International Admissions in U238. 
  3. Submit the completed form with a picture ID to Admissions and Records (U214), via email to admissions@parkland.edu or via fax 217/353-2640. 

Faculty/Administrative Action:

A student who never attends, or ceases to attend any course in which the student is enrolled or whose pattern of absences causes the faculty member to seriously question the intent of the student to further pursue the course or complete the course may be administratively withdrawn upon recommendation of the faculty member until midterm of the course. Attendance in an online class is measured in terms of student participation in online class discussions or contact with the faculty member. A student also may be withdrawn from a course by administrative action as a result of emergency or disciplinary procedures under the provisions of board policy on student rights and responsibilities.

In keeping with the college’s no-late-registration policy for students who place into developmental classes, students who miss the first two meetings of a developmental class will be dropped without record on the recommendation of the instructor. The course will not appear on the student’s permanent academic records and a full refund will be given. Dropped students will be given the opportunity to register for late-start developmental classes.

During the one-week period immediately following the last day to officially “drop without record,” each faculty member notifies the Office of Admissions and Records of those students on the class roster who have never attended class. The students will be administratively dropped, the course will appear on the students’ permanent academic records, and no refund will be given.

Should a student who has been administratively withdrawn return to class and the faculty member determines it is possible for the student to earn a quality grade, the faculty member may sign an Authorization to Add a Class form. The student will then be allowed to reregister in the course with no additional financial cost, assuming that the student has not received any refund. The Business Office will determine whether additional tuition and fees are due.

The Office of Admissions and Records notifies students of faculty/administrative withdrawal actions. The Office of Financial Aid is also notified.

The student is responsible for understanding that withdrawal or administrative withdrawal may result in loss of financial aid and that failing to properly withdraw from a course may result in receiving a failing grade of F for that course.

A degree- or certificate-seeking student who is taking more than 6 semester hours who wishes to withdraw from all course work must go through the Official Withdrawal/ Checkout Authorization procedure. Forms and instructions may be obtained from the Office of Admissions and Records.

By registering for classes at Parkland College, you assume financial responsibility for all charges billed to your student account. To avoid financial responsibility, if you decide not to attend a class, you must officially drop that class within the stated refund period. Do not assume that your classes are automatically dropped for non-payment or non-attendance. Classes that are not dropped will be graded.



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