Residency FAQs

Residency FAQs
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We've been asked...

  • Can I work more than one job in order to meet the full-time employment requirement?
    Yes, as along as the jobs total 35 hours or more a week for 30 days
  • I am in the United States under a Visa, is there any way to get in-district residency?
    No, as long as you are in the US on a Visa, you are considered an international student and will be charged the international student rate for tuition.
  • I’ve been living in the district for the last couple of years while I attend the University of Illinois. Am I considered a resident?
    No, as a student at the University of Illinois, you are still a resident of your home community. However, if you will be continuing classes at UIUC, click here to view our concurrent enrollment process.

  • I don’t vote. Do I still have to submit proof that I am registered to vote?
    Yes, we don’t require that you vote, just that you have registered to vote.

  • Do I really need to submit all the items on the list, or just most of them?
    The more items you submit that show proof of your residency for something other than educational reasons, the more likely your residency change will be approved.

  • I am under the age of 21, but I’ve been independent since I was 18. Do I still need to have a notarized affidavit of non-support?
    If you are considered independent by financial aid, that will be sufficient to show independence. Otherwise, we will still need the affidavit from your parents.

  • I’m already registered for classes and attending school, can I still be a student and pursue a residency change?
    There must be a 30 day break in attendance before you can be granted residency.

  • I am not currently employed, but I receive benefits from the state of Illinois. Can I apply for a residency status change?
    Yes, if you receive benefits from the state of Illinois and your in-district address is on file as your home permanent address, then a letter from your caseworker verifying this information can be used in lieu of the employment requirement.

Are you a District 505 resident?
A resident of District 505 has established a permanent residence in the district at least 30 days prior to initial registration and shows evidence of continuing intent to remain in the district for other than educational purposes.

Out-of- District Notice:
If you have recently graduated from a high school outside of District 505, under most circumstances, you will not have resident status. You will pay Out-of-District tuition to attend Parkland College. Moving to the Parkland College district does not ensure in-district status.

Please see our Steps to Becoming an In-District Resident if you wish to change your residency status to that of a district 505 resident.

More information on residence classification is available from the Office of Admissions and Records (Room A167). Call 217/351-2482.

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