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Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fee Charges
(credit hour)
 On-Campus  Online
 In Parkland College District 505  $157.00  $157.00
   Illinois residents
 $370.00  $213.50
 $529.00  $300.50

General Information
Parkland College is a public institution supported by both district and state tax funds. Because of this, resident students can further their education without incurring large financial obligations. Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Parkland College Board of Trustees.

ln addition, course fees are charged for most courses to help defray costs of supplies, equipment, maintenance, and unusual expenses associated with the course. The fee is indicated for each course in the Parkland College class schedule.

Note: All classes taken in preparation for the GED test are free.

Tuition and fees are due in full at the time of registration. If tuition and fees are not paid by published deadlines, cancellation of classes will occur unless other payment arrangements have been made. Students may elect to pay their account balance with Financial Aid, nelnet Deferred Payment Plan, and/or other outside agencies. However, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for these financial resources and be aware of any effect they may have on their account balance.

For all checks returned by the bank for nonsufficient funds, a $15 service charge is assessed. Failure to pay nonsufficient funds checks could result in students being administratively withdrawn from their classes. In addition, if collection on the checks is turned over to a collection agency, the collection agency fee will be added.

If our records show that a student owes money to the college, college policy prohibits the release of grades, academic records, and processing of graduation for that student. In addition, students will be denied permission to register for classes. A student who owes money to the college should contact the Cashier (U250; 217/351- 2233 or 217/351-2420) for more information.

Students receiving, or anticipating receipt of, tuition assistance from agencies outside of Parkland or out-of-district chargeback authorizations must have their written authorizations from the agency on file at the Business Office prior to registration or must have the written authorization in hand when they come to register. Care should be taken to ensure that authorizations for tuition assistance are renewed through the agency at the end of each expiration period. Students failing to accomplish this will be required to pay their own tuition and fees to register.

Course Repeat Fee
Illinois community colleges receive state apportionment support for each student who is in certified attendance at midterm in a course plus one repeat enrollment under certain conditions. However, when a student exceeds the limit of Illinois Community College Board-approved repeat enrollments in a course, the student will be assessed a course repeat fee equal to the state apportionment for the course, rounded to the nearest dollar.

Non-repeatable Courses
If a student earns an A, B, or C in a course identified as non-repeatable and wishes to repeat the given course, the student will be assessed a course repeat fee in addition to the tuition and course fees.
For a grade of D, F, or W (any grade other than A, B, or C) in first enrollment, the student is not assessed a course repeat fee for the first repeat, but is assessed the course repeat fee for the second or any subsequent repeat of the course.

Repeatable Courses
The student will be charged a course repeat fee in addition to the tuition and course fees as soon as the repeat-enrollment limit has been exceeded for the given course. Exceptions may be recommended by a department chair or the director of counseling and advising.

* Additional Charge for Nonresident Students
Illinois students who are not residents of District 505 must pay an additional charge to cover the difference between the regular tuition and state support and what it costs the college to provide instruction. The additional charge is not assessed students who obtain an approved Authorization for Partial Student Support (commonly called a chargeback) from their local community college district. A chargeback may be obtained to attend Parkland if the program of study the student wants is not available at his or her community college. To obtain chargebacks, students should apply to their local community college at least 30 days before the start of the term they expect to enroll at Parkland.

If the community college in a student’s district has a cooperative agreement with Parkland for the student’s program of study, the proper forms should be obtained from the community college in the student’s district and submitted to the Parkland Office of Admissions and Records. See a list of community colleges and cooperative agreements.

Tuition for Senior Citizens
Residents of District 505 who are 65 years of age or older may enroll in classes (excluding workshops and noncredit classes) by paying a semester registration fee of $5 in addition to any course fee required. Details of the program may be obtained from the Office of Admissions and Records.
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By registering for classes at Parkland College, you assume financial responsibility for all charges billed to your student account. To avoid financial responsibility, if you decide not to attend a class, you must officially drop that class within the stated refund period. Do not assume that your classes are automatically dropped for non-payment or non-attendance. Classes that are not dropped will be graded.



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