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Parkland College is proud to announce its list of graduates for summer 2017. Included are those who have earned an associate's degree or a certificate.
Justin G. Kuhns, AES, Engineering Science
Keegan J.D. McHood, AS, General
Arlington Heights
Michael J. Scully, AA, General
Janae L. Kaeb, AS, Business Administration
Trevor A. Norris, AAS, Criminal Justice
Lawrence R. Ameday, AAS, Automotive Technology
Nathan A. Dietrich, AAS, Agricultural Business: Precision Ag Technology
Alex D. Diekmann, AAS, Case New Holland Service Technician
Bremond, Texas
Gabriel Suarez, AES, Engineering Science
Lakisha A. Caillouet, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Thair J. Al-Saqri, AAS and CER, Surgical Technology
Chamonique S. Barber, AAS, Child Development
Ian G. Boyce, AAS, Case New Holland Service Technician
Michael C. Brown, AS, General
David N. Charney, AAS, Automotive Technology
Kaixi Chen, AA, General
Steffen A. Cody, AAS, Veterinary Technology
Whitney E. Dixon, AAS and CER, Surgical Technology
Hailey M. Drollinger, AS, Kinesiology
Cortez M. Epinger, AS, General
Erin M. Fitzpatrick, AAS and CER, Agricultural Business: Equine Mangament
Chelby D. Frazier, AA, General
Colby A. Garrett, AS, Biological Sciences
Jayden Garth, AS, General
Elycia M. Hall, AAS and CER, Surgical Technology
Jacob D. Harris, AAS, Network Administration and Support
Terrion T. Howard, AA, General
Daniel W. Howie, AA, Theatre Arts
Madeline L. Jerkovitz, CER, Massage Therapy
Lissette A. Kazun, AS, General, and AGS, Associate in General Studies
Nicole J. Kiedysz, CER, Massage Therapy
Matthew D. Landini, AS, General
Emma R. Lilley, AAS, Accounting
Dmytro Lukhtai, AS, General
Charisse A. Lumpkin, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Jake B. Markovich, CER, Massage Therapy
Mark B. Mochel, AAS, Industrial Technology
Rholy A. Mouliom, AS, General
Thomas J. Mueller, AS, General
Remy M. Mukambu, AAS, Criminal Justice
Shanda K. Nichols, CER, Massage Therapy
Patryk Ostrowski, AS, General
Matthew D. Sharman, AS, General
Daniel L. Shoemaker, AA, General
Katelyn J. Stoker, AS, General
Katherine D. Sullivan, AS, General
Emily M. Takeuchi, AAS and CER, Surgical Technology
Joshua Timothy M. Talavera, AS, General
Shonte J. Tremblett, AS, General 
Danielle M. Watson, CER, Massage Therapy
Talitha J. Wegel, AA, Early Childhood Education
Chumar L. Williams, AS, Business Administration
Alexander Zarco, AS, General
Hali S. Simard, AAS and CER, Surgical Technology
Eilish A. Alexander, AAS and CER, Massage Therapy
Basil D. Muhammad, AS, General

Mason R. Eslinger, AAS, Fire Service Technology

Cissna Park
Adrianna L. Lober, AS, General 
Haley R. Ginger, AS, General
Megan A. Tool, AS, General

Lucas Stehlik, AS, Physical Science 





Columbus, Ohio 
Gloria L. Wamah, AAS, Child Development
Crescent City 
Breein B. Suver, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Aaron J. Dupree, AAS and CER, Accounting
Emily E. Lietz, AS, Business Administration
Brittney N. Kurth, AAS, Business Administrative Technology
Kara E. Zehr, AA, Secondary Education
Farmer City
Rush M. Jones, AAS, Automotive Technology
Gabrielle E. Pearl, AA, General
Angie N. Remmers, CER, Massage Therapy
Miranda K. Gosser, AAS, Hospitality Industry: Restaurant Management, and CER, Hospitality Industry: Foodservice
Gina M. Masko, CER, Massage Therapy
Grant H. Gibson, AS, General
Alexander T. O'Sullivan, AA, General
Frank N. Rademacher, AS, General
Glen Carbon
Matthew S. Zielonko, AS, General
Austin R. Helfrich, AAS, Industrial Technology
Katrina Landram, AAS and CER, Surgical Technology
Jeffersonville, Indiana 
Alyssa N. Jones, AA, General
Loves Park 
Maria A. Pelayo, AA, Elementary Education
Jeremy F. Paguio, AAS and CER, Surgical Technology
Tajia R. Cummins, AS, General
Isaac W. Ekberg, AS, General
Joshua C. Ekhoff, AS, General
Jessica L. Hamilton, AA, General
Ariana M. Helm, CER, Massage Therapy
Nicole J. Meyer, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Jack T. Rettig, AS, General
Alexander S. Vogel, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Joanna R. Kellogg, AA, General
Kevin Z. Armstrong, AA, General
Kristen M. Bialeschki, AA, Social Work
Joshua S. Boone, AA, General
Aubrey N. Brown, AA, General
Jeffrey T. Gregg, AS, General
Marissa J. Hettinger, AS, General
Dylan R. Kerr, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Maclaine C. Stahl, AA, General
Michelle L. Stallmeyer, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Taylor N. Jordan, AS, Secondary Education
New Lennox 
Dylan D. Shearer, AA, General
New Richmond, Indiana 
Grant W. Hankins, AAS, Case New Holland Service Technician
Ashlyn I. Harris, AAS and CER, Surgical Technology
Ty W. Poole, AS, General
Evan M. Klaves, CER, Electrical Power
Conrad R. Powell, AA, Criminal Justice Education
Austin P. Slade, AAS, Digital Media
Ruben A. Aguilar, AS, General
Mary Ashley E. Drake, CER, Massage Therapy
Jason R. Pike, AS, General
Matthew C. Traxler, AS, Business Administration

Adrian S. Bituin, AS, Business Administration
Miranda L. Clampitt, AA, General
Daniel Ivy, AES, Engineering Science
Troy P. McMullen, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Tanya K. Peacock, AAS and CER, Surgical Technology
Chase M. Starkey, AS, General
Kayla R. Steber, AAS and CER, Surgical Technology 
Alexandra L. McKellip, AAS, Agricultural Business: Grain Merchandising and Management

Seth M. Bradley, AS, General
Hoda Bya, AAS, Business Administrative Technology
Cristie C. Mills, AA, General
Rachel M. Ransom, AS, General
Jordan M. Rodriguez, AS, Elementary Education
Alexa H. Stidham, AAS and CER, Surgical Technology

Christopher K. Sommer, AS, General

Sherrills Ford, North Carolina
Grant M. Farmer, AS, Kinesiology

Amanda I. Pruitt, AAS, Business Administrative Technology

Cole W. Hamilton, AS, General

St. Joseph
Garrett S. Flessner, AAS, Agricultural Business: Management
Lauren D. Kaiser, AS, General
Nathan R. Knipfer, AES, Engineering Science
Jordyn E. Vallee, AS, Business Administration
Nicholas R. Walden, AA, Criminal Justice Education
Allissa J. Watson, AS, General

Sarah C. Grollemond, AA, General

Lisa Johnson, AAS, Business Administrative Technology and CER, Office Specialist
Kristeen M. Smith, CER, Business: Entrepreneurship

Shelby R. Charleston, AS, Business Administration

Russell E. Anderson II, AS, General
Madonna K. Rhule, CER, Massage Therapy

Nacima Allache, CER, Child Development Certificate
Adam C. Awayda, AS, Business Administration
Yakera T. Barbee, AAS and CER, Surgical Technology
Marguerite L. Cannon, AAS, Horticulture: Landscape and Urban Horticulture
Thai L. Caston, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Kevin W. Chen, AAS, Nursing
Toya F. Groce, CER, Massage Therapy
Christian Manuel Herrera Herrera, AAS, Automotive Collision Repair Technician
Jessie E. Johnson, AA, General
Blake C. Landa, AA, General
James J. Leisure, CER, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Installation Technician and CER, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Service Technician 1
Yulibeth Lopez, AS, Early Childhood Education
Eric P. McCartney, AAS, Network Administration and Support
Lauren S. Mink, AFA, Art and Design
Gesi Muharremi, AA, General
Kate M. Murdock, AA, Psychology
Duong Nguyen, AFA, Art and Design
Erica L. Palmer, AAS and CER, Surgical Technology
Tracy M. Pristovnik, AGS, Associate in General Studies
Brittany X. Rickard, AAS, Business: Marketing
Callie E. Snider, AA, Social Work
Mateo Solis Rueda, AS, General
Katie L. Weston, AS, General

Villa Grove
Katie N. Douglas, AAS and CER, Surgical Technology
Austin L. Floyd, AS, General
Kirsten L. Oberg, CER, Massage Therapy

Victoria N. Yokley, AAS and CER, Massage Therapy

Darnell L. Ratliff, AAS, Network Administration and Support

White Heath
Jennifer M. Colbert, AAS and CER, Surgical Technology

Wilmington, North Carolina
Julie Roach, AAS, Business: Marketing

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