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To participate in the Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment program, talk to your guidance counselor or principal about the program and the course(s) you'd like to take. For more information, you may call Lisa Lyne, secretary to the dual credit program, at 217/353-2663.

Get a Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Program Application from your guidance counselor or principal. Read the criteria on the reverse side of the application.

Once you've decided to participate, follow these steps:

Submit a Parkland College Application for Admission
If you have taken courses at Parkland before, you do not need to complete the Parkland College Application for Admission.

Fill out the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Program Application.
The application must be signed by you, your parent/guardian, and your guidance counselor or principal.

Submit completed paperwork
• Dual Credit/Enrollment Program Application
• High school transcript
to the dual credit office, Room X208 at Parkland College.

Complete Parkland assessments, if applicable.
We can tell you whether the course you choose requires assessment testing and will schedule the testing if necessary. Your ACT scores may exempt you from the assessment process.

Your Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Program Application will be evaluated and sent to the Department Chair for final approval. (Some Department Chairs require a student interview. We will schedule your appointment with the Department Chair if applicable.)

Once approved, you will be registered for the course(s).

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to start this process EARLY!

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