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Frequently Asked Questions
Tuition & Financial Aid


What are the eligibility requirements for Dual Credit /Dual Enrollment students?
The student must be at least 16 years of age, a junior or senior in high school, meet the GPA requirement for the course(s) requested, and meet assessment requirements (may be met with ACT/SAT scores).

How do I get my son/daughter signed up for Dual Credit or Dual Enrollment? What’s the paperwork process?
The Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment office has designed a “map” of the process that we refer to as the Gameboard. Please request one from us or download it from the link in the main menu. It will be incredibly helpful when going through the Dual Credit registration process.

Do I need to take an assessment?
Most courses require the student to be at college-level reading and/or English. The Dual Credit office can help you determine if your ACT/SAT scores meet the requirement - call 217/353-2663. If your /transcript was sent to the dual credit office, we will notify you if you need to assess.

What’s on the English/reading/math assessment?
Assessment Center website

Where do I send the paperwork/transcript?
Please send these items directly to the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment office, U305 at Parkland. This will result in much faster processing and registration for your student. If you are enrolling in a course offered through your home high school, please submit your registration through

Have you received my transcript/ACT scores?
Call 217/353-2663 to see if your transcript has been sent.

What is the deadline for my paperwork?
The absolute last day we can receive paperwork and still register your student is the Tuesday before classes begin. In order to get through the sometimes lengthy registration process in a timely manner, we recommend registering as early as possible.

When should I purchase books?
Go to your first class meeting. Your instructor will let you know which textbooks to purchase.


What classes can/should I take?-
The Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment office, in partnership with the Parkland Department Chairs, has prepared two booklets of courses that we recommend to dual credit students. If you need further assistance choosing a course, please see your high school guidance counselor or contact the dual credit office at 217/353-2663.

What classes transfer?
Parkland course numbers are a clue. Generally, a course with an even middle digit (i.e. PSY 101, BIO 121) will transfer to a four-year public institution in the state of Illinois. We strongly recommend that you contact the advising office at the institution to which you plan to transfer.

Why do I have to meet a GPA requirement when my high school counselor approved my application?
Parkland has a commitment to seeing students succeed. The required GPA was determined by the department chair as the benchmark for high school student success in college courses. A student who is struggling with high school coursework is not ready for college-level coursework.

My son/daughter failed a high school class. What summer courses do you have available?
The Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Program is designed to give high school students a jump start on college. The program offers only college-level courses. Due to the minimum GPA required for courses, a student who has performed poorly has not demonstrated readiness for college-level work.


Click for Parkland tuition information.

Does the high school pay for tuition?
If you are taking a dual credit course at your high school there may be no tuition charged. Check with your high school guidance counselor.

I was dropped for lack of tuition payment. Now what?
If there are seats open in the course(s) you were enrolled in, we can re-enroll you. Tuition is due the same day you’re re-enrolled or you’ll be dropped again. Contact the dual credit office at 217/353-2663.

Are there scholarships or discounted tuition for Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment students?
At the present time there are no scholarships or discounted tuition available.

Is financial aid available?
Financial aid is not available for Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment students.

Will Dual Credit/Enrollment have a long-term effect on my financial aid eligibility?
Contact the dual credit office at 217/353-2663 or download the Impact on Future Education handout that explains this in detail.


How many classes can I take?
While a student is still enrolled in high school, a student may take up to seven credit hours at Parkland each semester. The limitation is waived for students taking dual credit courses at their high school and for special programs (College for Seniors).

Why can’t I take below-100-level courses?
Typically, a course number that is below 100 (example: ENG 098) is below college-level. The purpose of the Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Program is to give high school students the opportunity to begin their college experience.

Will I get college and high school credit for my college course?
The high school determines if you will receive high school credit or not. Check with your guidance counselor or principal before enrolling.

My son/daughter isn’t receiving high school credit. Why do we have to go through the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment office?
According to Parkland policy, any student still in high school must enroll through the Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment office whether or not they’re receiving high school credit.

I received a letter stating that I’ve been accepted to Parkland. Why can’t I register online?
High school students have a hold placed on their accounts until they graduate from high school. You must complete the paperwork process through the Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment office.

Why may I have to meet with the department chair?
The department chairs are very focused on student success. Since you’re underage, the department chair may want to discuss the course content with you and what will be expected of you as a college student. Also, the department chair must sign off on your Dual Credit Application form.

In some cases, department chairs may want to review your assessment scores and/or high school transcript to ensure you’re prepared for the course. The chair may also help you identify the best course to meet your goals and answer any questions you may have.

My Spring semester of high school starts two weeks after my Parkland class –OR- My high school is closed Monday. Should I go to my Parkland class?
If you’re taking a course on the Parkland campus or online, you’re required to follow Parkland’s calendar. Therefore, you must attend unless Parkland has a holiday or is closed.

What do I do if I’m sick or can’t get to class?
Email or call your instructor to let him or her know that you won’t be attending and to find out how to make up the work.

We’re taking a summer vacation. Is it okay for my son/daughter to miss a class or two that week?
No. Summer courses are shorter sessions than fall or spring classes. The course work is so condensed that Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment students must attend the entire session. Early or late summer courses are offered; perhaps one of those courses would better match your schedule.

What does S/U/P/Y on a grade report mean?
S = satisfactory. U = unsatisfactory. P = passing. Y = see instructor. If you receive a U or Y at midterm, department chairs will typically not approve your registration until your final grade is received or your instructor emails the office stating that your work has improved to an A or B level.

What do I need to do to withdraw from a Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment course?
You must notify the dual credit office in writing by the withdraw deadline, Please send an email to, fax us at 217/373-3865, or mail the request.

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