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Program Mission & Learning Outcomes

Mission of the Program

The composition program in the Humanities Department at Parkland College aims to develop students’ abilities to read and think critically and to write meaningfully. The program prepares students to interact with texts, analyze the needs of audiences, evaluate sources, and integrate sources properly to formulate complex arguments logically, coherently, and powerfully.

The composition program understands the importance of preparing students to read and compose both in the digital and traditional environments. To that end, most composition classes meet in computer classrooms regularly.

Learning Outcomes

As a writing program, we strive to help students gain rhetorical knowledge; sharpen critical reading, thinking, and writing skills; recognize differences; articulate their thoughts clearly and coherently; understand writing as a process; and compose in electronic environments. Specific skills addressed are:

  • Demonstrate their ability to read, write, listen, and speak effectively;
  • Demonstrate respect when writing about and/or discussing viewpoints other than their own;
  • Demonstrate ethical core values in making personal, social, academic, and professional decisions;
  • Demonstrate their ability to solve problems, by collecting and evaluating facts;
  • Demonstrate information literacy and their ability to think critically, which includes identifying biases and selecting and evaluating sources from varying as well as conflicting positions;
  • Employ rhetorical strategies that are well suited to the rhetorical situation, including appropriate voice, tone, and levels of formality;
  • Demonstrate their ability to use technology, especially computer technology, to access, retrieve, process, and communicate information;
  • Employ personalized strategies for generating, revising, editing, and proofreading that serve their individual needs as a writer.


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