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Faculty Profiles

 Kim Baker  
Kim Baker received her MA in Rhetoric and Composition after earning a BA in English and BFA in Drawing. She is interested in creative non-fiction, non-fiction graphic narratives, and how to effectively incorporate graphic narratives into the classroom. She typically teaches ENG 101, ENG 102, and CCS 099.
 Jeff Bernhardt
Jeff Bernhardt  received his BA and MA in English from Northern Illinois University. At Parkland, Jeff teaches English 98, 99, 101, and 102. He also taught English in Hokkaido, Japan, as part of the JET program for two years. In his free time, Jeff enjoys studying Japanese and walking.
 Lucy Busker
Lucy Busker earned her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition at Arizona State University. Her interests include collaborative invention in media fandom and role-playing games, gender roles in children's media, and true crime novels.
 Angela Gulick  
Angela Gulick  received a BS in psychology, a BA in English, and an MA in English from Iowa State University. She has taught pretty much everything under the “language arts” umbrella other than creative writing, but her focus is on technical and business writing as well as document design. In addition to teaching primarily ENG 102: Documented Report Writing, Gulick also is the writing specialist for the Center for Academic Success and runs the college’s Writing Lab.
Amber Landis primarily teaches research writing with an emphasis on business and professional formatting; literature courses including non-western, fiction, and gender; Liberal Arts and Sciences, and ESL Composition. She also works in the Writing Lab; serves as the Student Affairs Committee chair; coordinates a Title VI grant at Parkland with UIUC's Center for Global Studies; and is the faculty advisor for the Alliance of International Students. She studied Comparative and World Literature at UIUC, winning the Humanities Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1999.
 Sean Karns Sean Karns is the author of Jar of Pennies (New American Press, 2015). His work has appeared or is forthcoming in New Poetry from the Midwest, Hobart, Rattle, Pleiades, Los Angeles Review, Cold Mountain Review, Folio, Mayday Magazine, and elsewhere. Karns earned an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Illinois and a BA in English from The Ohio State University.
 Sue Kuykendall  
Sue Kuykendall teaches ESL composition at Parkland, primarily ESL 101 and ESL 102, as well as serving as the director of ESL Composition and working in the Writing Lab. She received her bachelor’s degree in literature, her master’s degree in composition and rhetoric, and her PhD in literature, all from Illinois State University. Her professional interests include contrastive rhetoric, the politics of meaning, radical pedagogy, and multimodal rhetoric.
 Richard Morris  
Seth Mendelowitz has M.A. degrees in Creative Writing and the Teaching of English Composition from San Francisco State University, as well as an M.A. in Literature from the University of Illinois. He has been teaching at Parkland since 1994.
 Richard Morris  
Richard Morris received his PhD in English from Purdue University in 1996. He has been a professor of English at Parkland College since 1997, teaching composition, reading, literature, creative nonfiction, and a liberal arts and sciences seminar. He co-authored the article “Writing in a Post-Berlinian Landscape” for JAC: Journal of Advanced Composition and the edited collection Computers in the Composition Classroom: A Critical Sourcebook, which was awarded best book by the Computers and Writing Conference in 2009. In 2010, he was named an EIU Alumni of the Year. Rich has written several plays, three of which have been performed at Parkland Theatre.
 Brian Nudleman  
Brian Nudleman received his PhD in rhetoric and composition, and his MA in Literature, with a specialty in modern drama. He is interested in service-learning and public rhetorics. He regularly teaches ENG 102, LAS 189, and LIT 120.
 Lauren O'Connor  
Lauren O'Connor received an MA in English, with an emphasis on professional writing pedagogy, and her teaching style is grounded in hands-on activities and real-world partnerships with local businesses or nonprofits. She generally teaches ENG 102, ENG 220, and CCS 099.
 Syd Slobodnik  
Syd Slobodnik earned the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in English Literature (1979) and his MEd (1983) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Additionally, he earned an Advanced Certification in English Education (1988) from the UIUC. Slobodnik has taught ENG 099, 101, 102 and THE 124 since fall semester 1992. Since 2011, he has co-hosted the Parkland Channel’s "If You Liked, You’ll Love" program. His academic interests are in film history.
 Amy Penne  
Amy Penne earned her PhD from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2000. Her dissertation focused on rhetorical constructions of gender and class in hybrid forms of writing by early modern women in England. Her primary areas of expertise include rhetorical history, composition, early modern texts, and gender studies. Since the dissertation, Penne has given presentations at national conferences on several topics in composition studies and assessment in higher education. She co-authored and facilitated Parkland's 2012 self-study for reaccreditation and during that three-year project, learned more than she had ever dreamed about writing, discipline, and group collaboration. Since then, Penne has published poetry and an essay from Creative Nonfiction's In Fact books. Penne believes writing is living and lives to write. She writes every day and is currently working on three short stories, a chapbook, and at least five essays (which is precisely why she has such a hard time finishing anything). She primarily teaches ENG 101, ENG 099, LIT 142 (Women in Literature), the occasional Shakespeare class, CCS 099 (Critical Comprehension Skills), and LIT 120 (Introduction to Literature).
 Andrew Wilk  
Andrew Wilk received his BA from Yale University and MA from the University of Connecticut, and he holds a Professional Educator License in Illinois. In addition to teaching at both the secondary and college level, he worked for many years in the private sector, holding professional and administrative positions in advertising, journalism, and healthcare. Wilk has published more than 100 commentaries on topics ranging from politics to education, and he has published a novel, A Day at the Fair with Chili Boy. He teaches both English and English as a Second Language (ESL) in addition to courses in the Center for Academic Success. During the 2014-15 academic year, he was nominated for the Parkland Teaching Excellence Award.
 Ruijie Zhao  
Ruijie Zhao received her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition and an MA in Technical Writing from Bowling Green State University. She is interested in integrating technologies in the teaching of writing. She typically teaches ENG 101, ENG 102, and ENG 099.

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