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You must answer yes to ALL the following questions to be eligible to apply to Parkland’s Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Nursing Program. If you answer “NO” to ANY of the questions below, you are not ready to apply to the program.
  1. Have you applied and received your letter of acceptance to Parkland College?
  2. If you have less than 15 hours of college course work, have you submitted the following to the Admissions office:
    •  High School Transcript?
    •  ACT Scores (if applicable) ?
    •  All College Transcripts (if applicable) ?
  3. If you have 15 hours or more of college course work (100 level or above NOT including such courses as ALR, ALW, ALM and certain KIN courses but INCLUDING a college-level, lab-based BIO, CHE or PHY), have you submitted the following to the Admissions office:
    •  High School Transcript?
    •  All College Transcripts?
  4. Do you have a grade of C or better (as required) in all general education core courses and/or BIO courses you have completed that are required for the program?
  5. Have you taken a college or high school chemistry course in the past three (3) years?
    OR Have you completed CHE 100/106 within the past three years or are currently registered for the course?
    OR Have you passed the Parkland Chemistry Competency Test?
    OR Have you completed BIO 121 (Anatomy & Physiology) and/or the equivalent course at another institution (including a cadaver lab) within the past five (5) years?
  6. Have you taken Parkland’s Assessment Test for Reading and are reading at College level?
    OR Have you taken CCS 099 and passed with a “C” grade or better?
  7. Do you have an ENG (English) 101 placement?
  8. Have you taken Parkland’s  Assessment Test for Math and have a MAT 108 placement or passed MAT 098 with a grade of “C” or better (within the past two years)?
    OR Have you passed a transferrable math class (C or better) at another institution within the past 5 years?
  9. Have you taken the Test of Essential Academic Skills V™ test? Select one of the following links to learn more about the TEAS test:
    •  Parkland Assessment Center
    •  TEAS Handout
  10. Can you fulfill our Technical and Functional Requirements for Nursing? (learn more)

If you answered “YES” to all of these questions, you may be ready to apply to the Nursing program. Deadlines for application are October 1st for a spring program admission and March 1st for a fall program admission (cost $20). Schedule an appointment to meet with an academic advisor or counselor as early as possible. 
Click here for a printed version of this questionnaire.

QUESTIONS: please contact Health Professions, at 217-353-2681 or

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